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  1. I have similar anxieties so thanks heaps for being open Amelia! Where can I get your book, as a NZer?! Xx

  2. I have emetophobia and my main issue with planes is that I panic that someone is going to be sick – whenever someone moves or walks past me I panic. I'm not scared of flying so it's just annoying x

  3. I used to travel loads as a kid growing up I moved schools 3x so secondary school never really felt like anything when it came to moving schools😂 but now when we travel by plain I get migraines just thinking of the idea of doing it so I can't actually enjoy the journey but however on the way back i seem to just by considencly be absolutely cured it's so weird because I feel as though I've just wasted the holiday away and then my migraines start again 😂

  4. i could not relate more

  5. I’m exactly the same with the emetophobia x

  6. amelia, dont feel bad. ive never flown because im terrified

  7. I don't think you're paranoid for considering so much. I've had pleasant flying experiences, aside from one rough landing, but I've also had horrible nightmares about plane crashes, I've run into some frightening videos and, as you did, I've heard about tragic true life incidents. So before going on a flight I tend to fight some worries too. Once I'm in the air however, a feeling of resignation washes over me and I figure whatever will happen is going to happen so I might as well relax. Enough swallowing usually solves the unpleasant "ears popping" sensation, the views are spectacular, it's quite convenient and I really do love those little bags of peanuts. I hope your next flight is comfortable and without incident.

    I recently got to ride in a Bell 47-G helicopter manufactured in the 1950s. My dad and I had some concerns about it being such an old craft but once we were up in the air, that feeling of resignation swept over us and we had a great time.

    Unrelated but I thought Amelia's book was already out in America. I've been looking for it among the new releases in fiction every time I visit the library.

  8. I want to point out that flying is actually safer than driving but I do not want to make you scared of driving! I used to be terrified to get public transport but honestly, I would have to be highly unlikely to have something happen to me. You cannot live your life limited by fear.

  9. I understand you Amelia. I'm 21 like you and, like you, I have emetophobia. Stomach bugs around me feel like a prison (I work in a nursery so you can imagine how often they are around. You can't escape. I've sent you a few dms on IG about his , when you talked about it in your story. I also really need to have control of everything when I throw up, like "was it a bug?" "was it something's I ate?" I just NEED TO KNOW so that next time I can be more "careful". But it's a trap because every little thing that happened the day that I threw up becomes a trigger, even if it has nothing to do with throwing up.. So every time these little things happen again , I think they are signs and I'm going to throw up again. I had the bug before Christmas and it's been an anxiety nightmare since then. I wish you lot of luck with your anxiety and hopefully you will learn to control it with the help of therapy (I am going, too). I guess it's a long journey but we'll both make it. xxx

  10. Is your fear of travel linked to death anxiety? Because I suffer from it very badly. I've never gone on a plane because of it. Even travelling on a train! I haven't had any bad travel experiences (so far, touch wood) but sooo many different things go through my head! I'm the same with germs, I hate being around people even with a cold! 😂 I'm actually awful lol. I took my little girl to Butlins for the week and was constantly washing my hands and getting worried about catching things!

  11. I feel you about the tsunami thing that would really freak me out.

  12. My emetophobia makes me really anxious about travelling, plus a fear of flying and boats makes going on holiday v hard for me! I get scared of sea sickness on boats, claustrophobic in planes & hate not knowing the language Incase something happens or I become unwell. Plus foreign countries not having food hygiene ratings so I can’t see if cafes are safe or not.

  13. Amelia, we are basically the same person. I never used to be scared of flying but now the thought of not being to get out of the plane freaks me out! I'm always afraid of getting ill to the point I will leave the house for a couple days if someone is poorly in the house. Travelling is the worse as I, like your family, have been sick whilst being away which was the worst thing possible. Trying to get therapy too but it's so hard explaining to people you are afraid of being sick and all that because they just look at you weird. I've been told by my counsellor that she thinks I have OCD because of this control thing like yours. Just Nice to know someone else gets this panic as soon as they feel slightly weird and makes things even worse for themselves. I, also, touch wood for everything. You aren't alone. Hope therapy goes well xxx

  14. I love you guys together!

  15. From what I know, this isn’t just ‘how your brain works’. You’re describing behaviours, habits and beliefs that you’ve learned and reinforced over time. I share much of it, as I have emetophobia as well, but I find it really helpful to acknowledge that I’m the one that created it. Which doesn’t mean it’s my fault but it does mean I have a chance at changing it through therapy and mental effort. For years doctors and therapists told me I’d always be like this to some extent, I needed to ‘manage it’, develop ‘coping strategies’, until one day one said f**k all that, you’re going to UNDO it and you’re going to be 100% fine and that was an absolute game changer for me. Xx

  16. I am exactly the same 🙁 it’s so frustrating for my family when we go on holiday. But we will get through this!!💖💖

  17. Ahaha the fear of sea😂me too – if I can't see the floor or my feet I have to head back to safety

  18. I have the same problem! The irony is that this anxiety is actually what makes me ill on holiday.

  19. Grace has had her hair cut again?💇🏽💇🏽

  20. Thanks for covering this subject where are your outfits from

  21. I didn't really like the way Grace mocked Amelia in this video 🙁

  22. You can get therapy for all this and get your freedom back!

  23. Grace’s looks from 10:20 to 10:33 #bossy 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  24. Flying is safer than driving….just so you know

  25. I also got anxiety when I'm traveling. Last time I prepared myself 1 week before we took off by meditating, doing yoga, reading and all the calm stuff. And every time I got a bad thought of what could possibly go wrong I changed it into a positiv one. So like: "We will have an accident." turned into "We will listen to great music and podcasts on our way and will laugh a lot."
    And it really worked! I was super calm for the whole drive and spend a lovely weekend away with my boyfriend. I think its all about the mindset. And also to pretend everything is fine. Just smile, and be like "I'm in such a great mood today!" Even if youre not.. because when you smile and say this to yourself your body produceses these endorpines and all the stuff to make you feel good.
    I hope this can maybe kind of help you. Or someone else. 🙂

  26. I get anxious on holiday about getting ill as well!😕

  27. Why are you ME

  28. Guess what I’m a twin like u

  29. You both look gorgeous there's nothing wrong with your fear of travelling you have travelled so much amelia which shows how brave you are to face your fear as much as you do love you Amelia and Grace

  30. It is so good that you are talking about these things as it is so good to be open and honest about anxiety and this is helpful so thank you.

  31. It was 30 years ago and the fact that they haven't had one since shows that it is safer but I get that it is difficult with anxiety.

  32. I get anxious traveling too but for different reasons

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