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  1. I want to learn the Japanese language so I can perform adequately in Japanese bukkake scenes.


  2. I think I’m going to learn Swedish

  3. never "transitioned" from easier languages to harder ones haha I went from Swedish (very easy), thought "Hey I'm pretty good at this language learning thing now" and then right to Turkish (which was/is still frustratingly hard)

  4. What’s your taking on learning two languages at once

  5. إلى الآن فأنا أفهم اللغة الانكليزية جيداً مكتوبة, لكنِّي لا أفهمها مسموعة.
    و بالمناسبة اللغة التركية هي التي أسعى إلى تعلمها.

  6. YAS!!!! Another person that wants to learn Xhosa!!!!

  7. Learning swedish atm, idk why, i just am

  8. I'm currently studying Spanish at college and I'm unsure of what to study at university : Spanish and Italian or Spanish and German… Any ideas? Gracias

  9. What language should I learn (in Duolingo) ?

  10. I'm going for my 3 language "3
    I'm from Colombia and I'm living U.S. so :3
    But Idk what to learn ><

  11. I can teach Spanish for free to anyone who is interested.
    Reply if you want to chat to learn.

  12. I wanna learn to speak Russian,no one in my school speaks Russian so I can just cuss my teachers/classmates out 😂 and speaking to people who actually do know it ofc…

  13. If you want to learn a really easy language, learn Afrikaans. Pronunciation will take native English speakers a while, but the grammar is probably the easiest in the world. It's derived from Dutch, but immensely simplified as there is no verb conjugation, for instance. Also it's beautiful 😀

  14. As an english learner, I suffer to understand you, sorry 🙁

  15. Learn HINDI around 1.3 billion people speak!

  16. Learn HINDI

  17. Thanks a lot

  18. Main, I kan speek English en aye diffrent wey und aye lote uv peepole woent understand.

  19. Oh, you actually think spanish is easy. Our language has so many mannerisms and region-specific words. Boiii

  20. What if im a Arabic speaker ?😂😂

  21. I'm hesitating on learning german
    Because actually 70% of the population already speaks english
    So why?

  22. why is ASL like never included in languages skdnldmd

  23. For me Russian is the easiest language to learn because I'm a Bulgarian.

  24. im learning Spanish, russian & japanese but i have a bad memory and im lazy af

  25. What language was he trying to pronounce?

  26. Dutch is not easy for English speakers lol, it's easy for a Dutch person to learn English but not for an English person to learn Dutch

  27. German and Urdu

  28. Hey Makai. I'm curious. Where are you broadcasting from? I can't recognize English accents to save my life. My guess would be British but I wouldn't be surprised if I got that wrong.

  29. so my girlfriend is learning portuguese because her friend lives in brazil. she called me this morning and told me she had a dream she was only
    speaking in portuguese. i thought it was cool. lol

  30. Learn Russian

  31. J'ai vraiment hâte de voir tes vidéos françaises gros. Tu apprends la langue depuis quand ?

    Ah rlly can't wait to see yuh French vids man. How long now you been learning it?

    Anyways big up from Jamaica man

  32. Learn Spanish/Turkish!

  33. How many languages do you speak? If you speak a few languages, you could make a video showing all the languages you speak.

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