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  1. Meh number 2 was more frustrating

  2. Oh no I dropped my hydroflask, and I lost my metal straw! And I oop skkssksksksksksk

    Jk I’m not a vsco boy

  3. What if the other rooms beside them had people also locked in there as well?

  4. I know this vid was posted 2 years ago, but I LOVED your stories about Tales of a Serial Killer and was wondering if you could do more of those when you have time. Your voice at the end of your vids gives me chills. I LOVE it! TC, again, SL! Kelly :))

  5. Thanks for brightening up a crappy day/existence here. Your voice washes away all of the despair. Your incredible voice and tales get me through another night!
    Thanks again SL! Tc, Kelly. :))

  6. Hola from Louisiana Love ur videos keep up the good work I listening to them👌👌

  7. Theses really creeped me out . i loved it !!!

  8. Great story man, liking the visuals too! 👍

  9. Awesome! I was watching while doing my makeup and my phone was on the floor; my black kitty came and sat next to the phone and just stared at it. During that first story.
    I was like ‘yes, that’s our new fave. Skinned locust.’

  10. Voice stop echoing?! What does that even mean?!!

  11. I’m so happy to be a swarm member

  12. Laying here in bed with my earphones on listening to these stories. ..😟😯

  13. Skinned Locust Horror Stories thankyou once again for another really outstanding upload of really great content and stories. 👍

  14. The first one isn’t true

  15. oooh the intro is really good

  16. Skinned Locust Awesome! I came here looking for Reddit SuBmitted stories based upon personal experiences (my usual fare) but I am SO glad I stayed! Short scary fiction was not my intention but these are fantastic stories and your narration was wonderful. Thank you. You just earned a subscription!

  17. Skin Locusts, truly enjoy your stories and story telling. Keep up with your channel and remember, we are listening.

  18. I absolutely love you're stories. You deserve way more views n subs.

  19. hi,home alone,or craigslist. the stories are awesome,loved them! good job skinned locust.

  20. Nice. Really love his channel

  21. Congratulations on 1K. Great channel!

  22. That's the exact reason I stay meow from haunted houses. Congrats on 1000😻

  23. I'm going on a road trip next week!! 😕
    I won't be staying in any motels or visiting haunted houses though. Thank goodness 😘

  24. I'm going on a 4hour road trip on the 16th alone to visit my preschool to middle school homie through midnight and will have many prerolled blunts listening to all roadtrip horror stories💯

  25. Great Vid, Lovely Voice and amazing Video quality please keep it up <3

  26. Lights off, sound up, coffee in hand…*lights back on* thought I heard something…just a car xD – great job mate and you're awesome and always bring the scare! And congratulations on the 1k subscribers man, wasn't a matter of if, but when, you talented guy you :D. Looking forward to our next team-up mate, and I'm loving these stories!

  27. Sir,
    Loved these stories , i really love it when i come across a narrator who gets it . I have noticed that mr. Morty always seem to find very original content. So for that sir BRAVO, BRAVO… well have to get back to work, And thank you so much.
    Have a great morning , And take care…

  28. Congratulations on your first thousand subs!! Keep up the good work!!!

  29. Congrats man 👏

  30. Wow Creepy as hell love it

  31. Wicked channel man, started listening to you a couple weeks ago. Congratulations on 1000. Just think only 99k more for 💯k

  32. Congrats on 1k!!! 💕

  33. A) Craigslist Horror Stories
    B) Deep Web Horror Stories
    C) Home Alone Horror Stories
    D) Paranormal Horror Stories
    E) Surprise Us

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