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  1. Beautoful experience, will follow your advice:)

  2. I have just discovered your channel and I’m sad to see you don’t post anymore. This is very inspiring

  3. I'm researching for a video about traveling with a mental illness as a class project to make up for my missed study abroad experience (which was missed due to mental health issues). This video made me feel so strong and capable and I'm really proud of you. This advice will get me on the plane next time I have a chance 🙂

  4. hi i just wanted to say that i love how real you are. what you said is so helpful i have clinical depression and like you i met a lovely woman on youtube and we have been talking for almost a year. we desided to on a 3 month road trip to the usa in 2020. i get tired easily but i have started working out and trying to make my body more strong. its a once in a lifetime chance to see america. we are going around in a van and will be camping. im just hoping i will be strong enough.. you made me realise that we all need to take a jump into the unknown. there we find out what we really can do. i take medication also for it. you are so lovely. May god bless you much love suzy

  5. I struggle and I'm facing a solo trip with depression. Thank you for this video and your honesty.

  6. Why is it normal at all for women to feel like wearing a sexual readiness costume when they aren't actually interested in sex?

  7. I have depression too can we chat on facebook messenger and how were dealing with it

  8. This video explains how I feel right now and the sort of explanation in my head I needed to push forward to make the trip im making soon. I've had a lot of doubts as this will be my first time travelling alone out of the country and I always worry about being somewhere new/foreign to me without my family around to understand if I have a down moment and/or my mental health dips a bit. I'm glad to know that someone felt exactly the same as I do and yet was still able to enjoy travelling, it has given me a mental boost, thank you!

  9. I think that most of the you-tubers who Blog like this, have back-stories like this one.

  10. I really needed this video! I'm off on a solo trip soon, my first ever time going through an airport alone and spending time with strangers. Granted it's the retreat being hosted by the lovely Carly Rowena and Cat Meffan, but I'm anxious regardless. I considered cancelling my spot which would have been a lot of money wasted. I'm just trying to keep in mind that I signed up for it for a reason and I was aware of all the challenges I'd be facing. Things are slightly harder as I'm coming off anti depressants to go onto another type as my current meds caused a lot of weight gain. Thanks so much for making this video and giving me a boost. I'm sure I'll be replaying it as the trip gets closer!

  11. Lovely vlog, Megs. For the record I thought you were very fun and laid back on the trip and it was a pleasure sharing the adventure with you! 😊 x

  12. Love your honesty so much. I really struggle with anxiety and depression on Instagram press trips and hate trying to hide it from people. Seeing this makes me feel less alone 💛 thank you for sharing

  13. I'm so glad to hear that the trip did you some good Megan – I always find that travelling is actually really good for giving myself a bit of a break, even though it actually feels initially stressful.

    I find spending time with people quite exhausting too, but for some reason, if it's in a new place or country or something, it just feels a little easier – I guess it's a nice change from routine! xxxx

  14. Meg, You are an inspiration for raising awareness of this and being so brave in sharing your personal experiences. Please don't ever stop – there will always be some negativity regardless of what you do – and I honestly believe if more Youtubers used their voice like you do, the world would be a much better place.xxxx

  15. Please know that you are beautiful. Hate or negativity usually stems from that persons insecurities or jealousy. Try not to take it to heart. Though I know it's easier said than done. You are beyond brave for sharing your life. Haters gonna hate. Much love and positivity.

  16. I rarely comment, but since I have always found you – at least what I get to know about you – extremely lovely, I now decided to add my opinion. I appreciate the subjects you discuss on your channel as well as your blog. Not many so called "influencers" use their influence not (only) for attention seeking challenges and empty haul after haul, but to raise awareness for mental illness, self-love and respect.
    I think your way of speaking is lovely – and of top of that I personally find you ridiculously beautiful! However, I enjoy your personality and your content over your looks – and I think this is what we should generally focus on more <3

  17. Hi. I have found myself here after following your link in Instagram. My only comment would be that you do not need to justify your reason for not wearing make up. It's nobody else's effing business. This video is not about how you look or whether you could be arsed to brush your hair. It's about how you found strength within yourself to "feel the fear and do it anyway". It takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there and share your feelings with the world. That to me is truly brave and amazing. I certainly couldn't do it and feel in awe of those that can.

  18. I found this so inspirational, thank you. I've been struggling with anxiety recently but you've convinced me to start looking for ways to overcome it. I really appreciate your honesty.

  19. If I can, I like to shoot videos without makeup because I work with young girls and I know they see my confidence in myself reflected through my actions. I know people feel the same about you! Also, I love your tutorials and stories. 🙂 Keep it up! I always enjoy your content.

  20. You are AMAZING. And I love that you didn't wear makeup! You are so beautiful and you made me feel more confident about my makeup free days 😊 I also struggle with depression & anxiety, thank you for being so open. You are truly phenomenal ❤️

  21. You're such a strong, amazing person, and I'm so glad you are sharing this with us all, I think it helps all of us (and you!) realise that we are not alone, and there is a whole host of people out there, and a great big world to see if we want to go see it 🙂

  22. You are one of the most gorgeous beautiful person I have ever seen. And I am not talking about physically. You have amazing pure and sweet feelings. I started watching vlogs and videos on YouTube just because I saw one of your videos and I just loved that much I started loving them. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and thoughts with us. I love you

  23. Thanks for sharing your experience! Always very encouraging and helpful! xxx

  24. You've done SUCH a fab job and I'm so so glad that you were able to see the beauty in the experience. I think it should easy to underestimate how hard it can be to do something like travelling – especially with strangers – but you should be proud of yourself xxx

  25. You look beaut, thanks so much for doing this 🙂 You're wonderful x

  26. SO much love for you on this video, you might not feel it but i love your face and your unbrushed hair, i think you look phenomenal, we need to hook up for cocktails and happiness xxx

  27. Know it's easier said than done but please ignore the comments about how you look. You look beautiful with and without makeup.
    Well done for making the video ❤️hope you found it helpful yourself to let everyone know how you felt! I find that release can be such a good feeling sometimes. It also really helps me to watch videos like this one. We're not suffering alone.

    Thank you 🙂

  28. <3 you're amazing xxx

  29. Well done lady for just being you …. depression is so horrible and well done for being so brave during your dark time….. 💗💗

  30. Megs you are a total boss, you are inspiring so many people with your videos and I think the way in which you so openly you speak about your experiences is so totally humbling! Keep it up lovely lady you are doing AMAZINGLY 😘🙌🏼 Sending my love to you 😘🙌🏼

  31. So much respect for not wearing makeup and not apologising for it <3

  32. I'm so glad you make these videos it gives me so much hope and yes! Sometimes you have to make those sacrifices whether it be not going out for pizza or not pushing your self to the edge , it would be so easy to go along with the flow but when your body is telling you what it needs following that is one of the bravest but beneficial things you can do, and I'm so glad that everyone was so accommodating , sounds like an amazing trip with lovely people which is just what you deserve, ps you look just as beautiful with no makeup I'm glad you know that you don't have to put on a face just for your audience sometimes, you owe that to yourself and we love you for it!

  33. God, your face looks so different since last time I saw your videos.

  34. I can fully relate to this.. I did a GAdventures trip around central America for 1 month whilst I had depression. I thought I was OK but I got there and everything just hit me. IT was the most incredible time of my life but also such a hard struggle. I look back and feel like everyone must have found me really difficult to deal with because I was not dealing well with my mental health at the time. It's so nice to see someone talking about this subject, you are so brave, thank you for putting this on the internet!

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