Here are Top 50 Tourist Places in the World given priority according to the annual visit ors



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  1. Very good places I will…………..

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  5. no song

  6. The World…wot a joke

  7. All of places in USA

  8. Mr admin from us note that tajmahal has annual visitors of 8,000,000 which is not in ur list . May be ur illiterate. No problem you can learn now. Remember atleast some things about it mother country.

  9. It’s Niagara Falls 🙂

  10. Clearly u drunk where is Giza Pyramids

  11. Anual is not a word, Annual is though.

  12. The comma use stinks in this. Times Square 3,92,00,000 should be 39,200,000

  13. Excellent place

  14. This guys showing for us not world.

  15. Nice
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  18. most beautiful place in kandy srilanka

  19. Basically only American places. Grow up. You are clearly American yourself, because you are blind to the many other, and better, places there are outside the US. Your spelling of ‘annual’ only confirms my theory that you are American and blind.

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