These are our top 5 recommendations for Myanmar after travel ling it for one months.
We have been to Yangon, Hpa-An, Inle Lake, Mawlamyine and Bagan.
If you have any questions regarding the video or our travel s, feel free to write us in the comments 🙂

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  1. hello! admin . I'm from Myanmar. I 'm very proud of myself due to our beautiful country.
    Thanks a million for sharing about our historical pagodas and beautiful places in our country.
    I hope you'll be back to our country if you've a chance.
    We're always warmly welcome from our golden country.

  2. Amazing video. Makes me wanna go back again. I just finished my own aftermovie of Myanmar with the Sony a6500. Would love to hear some feedback on my video! Keep it up. 🤗


  4. How were you able to fly your drone there?

  5. Such a great place

  6. No thanks, I wouldn't like to visit a country that is committing mass genocide against it's minorities. There's plenty of other beautiful nations to visit that deserve tourism.

  7. FYI ! ! !

    For future traveler to Myanmar I am here to give you some advice that is you should consider about Hkakabo_Razi the highest snow mountain in SEA and it is located in northern of Myanmar.
    But careful it is not maintain and not safe so it is a bit wild
    If you are an adventurer you should consider going there .
    (Not a native language pardon me)

  8. I am not sure if I am wrong but most of my Myanmar friends and people who I encountered with, they have great values. This is why I like Myanmar aside from the country itself.

  9. hi, i love you video, i plan to myanmar next year.

    can i ask is that hot air balloon always have all time in year ? or just mid March or mid Oct?

  10. Did you just say Mandalay?!Thanks for visiting there! It’s where I am

  11. You have to See this part of Myanmar also.

    Buddhist group kills Muslims Child with her mother

  12. Can i tell you guy something i am from myanmar so next time you visit myanmar you should go to kyait htee yoe which is the one large rock that hang on the edge of the mountain because it's really beautiful 👍👍👍

  13. Great video! I would add a couple of possible options: 1: Spend a day taking the Slow Train through the mountains between Inle Lake (the train station is in the town of Shwenyuang, a few miles north of the lake) and the small train junction town of Thazi. The next day you can take a 3-hour train from Thazi to Mandalay. 2. Spend a day on a riverboat traveling on the Irrawaddy river between Mandalay and Bagan.

  14. Thanks for the guide, advice and video!
    I am traveling to Myanmar next week for 3 weeks.
    So now I know some coolest places to visit !

  15. a very short video on another perspective of myanmar travel from Yangon to Bagan then Mandalay.. do enjoy : )

  16. Thank you from Myanmar

  17. I am from myanmar

  18. To get to bagan cheaply, take a bus from yangon

  19. Which month were you there?

  20. Hello. I would like to use your footage in our movie. What is its' highest resolution?
    Are they open to buy?

  21. Yangon is not the capital of Myanmar

  22. Guys can I use some of your drone footage in my video? I have a small 200 subscriber channel and i dont own a drone yet and would like to use some of the footage you captured it looks really nice

  23. Welcome to Myanmar

  24. I'ma myamyar person so thank you for visiting our country!💕💖

  25. Brother you have got new subsucruber from Pakistan after this beautiful video thanks

  26. Thank you so much visiting our country I hope we be a joyfully

  27. Thanks for visiting our country☺️☺️

  28. I will be traveling to Myanmar this summer as part of my intership as a premed senior. I am still in disbelieve that this opportunity opened up for me, I can't wait to help, explore, and learn more about this beautiful country <3

  29. Viva Burma Cabrons!

  30. Any thoughts on the train travel between Yangon – Bagan and Mandalay?

  31. The comments are so informative, I put this video in watch later….

  32. Great, this video was just next Level!
    Superb shots and transitions! Very nice editing skills!! .Let's keep in touch

  33. Ohhh no I will arrive at the end of March I'm gonna miss all ballons sceneries.

  34. Very nice video guys, planning a trip to SE Asia never knew their was so much to do here, I'll be adding it to the plan. Thanks

  35. I wish i have enough money to travel world .

  36. What time of the year did you go?

  37. Mrauk U is better than Bagan

  38. yangon is not capital of Myanmar
    The capital is Nay Pyi Taw

  39. Thank you!i am myanmar

  40. I just discovered a place I wish I could visit sometime in the future!!!! 😁😁😁

  41. I miss my own country because now I was in Philippines

  42. Hi! Thanks for the awesome video. May i please ask how many days you stayed in Myanmar? Thank you in advance 🙂

  43. The only place I would want to see would be the gallows where they hung that fucking slag and murderous cow Aung San Suu Kyi

  44. Wellcome from my country..thank for this video..

  45. Nice video guys…I really enjoy it…

  46. You guys make me to remember my country 🥺::::::
    Anyway thank you 😊

  47. I love Bagan.

  48. Great video guys

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