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  1. And now she host penn and teller fool us

  2. Who's here after the Entertainment Tonight interview??? 😬

  3. Good thing she doesn't play a pipe organ!

  4. I'm glad I didn't pick a tube

  5. Their faces… the dialogue… just hilarious in every way… 😂

  6. I will never look at lily the same

  7. What is the name of the song that is sound?

  8. Holy crap. This is where that Berserk blooper came from.

  9. Willow, Giles should be unhappy of your language!

  10. Lol she is so funny

  11. My sister sound like this bitch

  12. Now im feeling bad for flute players

  13. Bro all these kids talking about their parents making jokes about this film , shit son am I old? 😂

  14. Don't do it!!!Don't do it!!!! It's an evil gateway instruments.

  15. And that kids is how I met your mother

  16. I was told she said trumpet not flute

  17. And this one time at Fat Camp She stuck a Twinkie in her mouth.

  18. I can’t be the only one whose parents are apprehensive about letting me go to band camp because of this scene.

  19. Who else is here for Alyson's hilarious face on the thumbnail pic?


  21. Holy fuck

  22. And I'm high

  23. I play the flute and i would like to say me too

  24. She she did that a band camp, i wonder if her queef while it was up her

  25. When I find this moment hysterical but then remember my mom plays the flute…

  26. Every time I say this one time my parents say to each “this one time at band camp” it’s so annoying and they just laugh historically

  27. I use to say “this one time at band camp” all the damn time but never seen the movie or this scene till now.

  28. SMH MOM!!!!!!

  29. That is her line no one else could do it .She is a great actress and an interesting person . But the way is does this is just great.

  30. Us percussionists can use our sticks for that 😤😤🥁🥁💦💦👅👅

  31. My mom told me I can’t go to band camp and now I know why

  32. Best line ever 😂

  33. Most shocking plot twist since Darth Vader said he was Luke’s father

  34. Whenever I say “One time” my dad says “You’re adopted, shut up”

    Get’s me every time…

  35. This one time at home I stuck my dick in a pie! – American Pie classic!

  36. she aint whistling Dixie

  37. As a father of three sons I used to end their " one time…" with "at band camp"… guilty as charged.

  38. Thats when he realized he met true wifey material right there.

  39. I was actually trying to tell a story about something that happened at band camp and this is how it went:
    me: One time at band camp-
    everyone I was talking to:

  40. My band director and a bunch of other band students kept randomly saying this while at band camp. I didn’t understand because I hadn’t seen the movie. I still haven’t but at least I understand where the line came from

  41. LOL @ all these kids looking up why their dads keep saying in band camp when they say this one time hahahaha

  42. Speaking of Band Camp check out our Band Camp

  43. What a tune she’d knock out with a git fanny fart.

  44. On time back at band camp I T-Bagged a Tuba.

  45. This one time at band camp I fucked a trumpet.

  46. I died laughing

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