One of the most Iconic Motorcycle riding locations in the world . The Rock store was made famous by Hollywood Celebs such as Steve McQueen, Jay Leno, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Matt Laidlaw takes a ride to the Rock Store, Neptune’s Net, and the Look out on Mulholland Dr in Mailibu Ca.

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Music is “Getting Tipsy 2” “Ice Cream Social” “Lincoln” “Miami Work”

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  1. 3 bad Jose’s

  2. Great Video!!!!

  3. Hey brother, great video! I don't recall Neptune's, but back in the 80's I used to run the snake on both my GPZ 760 turbo and my 750 interceptor. You brought back a ton of memories. (Our after race hangout was the sagebrush, not sure if it's still around.)

  4. Always a good time at neptunes on weekends! Thanks for sharing!

  5. California country side looks so Beautiful it’s a shame Demorats run it

  6. I love this video, the music, the scenes , the narration are all CHOICE! I must have watched this video a dozen times while in Afghanistan. I can't wait to go ride this ride in a month! Yeah!!!!!!!!!

  7. Matt, can you tell me the actual hwy number for the snake? I might come up there sometime to ride

  8. Awesome video!

  9. I don't understand the attraction of California. Looks like a congested dirty place.

  10. cool stuff, winter in new zealand at the moment so need lots of this stuff,cheers.i just got a new 2019 breakout love it 114

  11. Really enjoyed this. So envious of the roads your riding 😎

  12. Love the video,wish we had roads like that in Alberta Canada… cool bike keep up the good work🤙🤙🇨🇦

  13. Always a pleasure to watch this video.

  14. What a great video and the music too! Had to watch three times in a row. Thanks Matt!

  15. no roads like that in the corn field state of Indiana.

  16. Congrats man, on a very nice video!

  17. When people ask cops don’t you have something better to do, this is what people were complaining about so they are watching the area and writing tickets to get people to slow down and obey the posted speed limit etc. Look at the big picture Matt and not at a tiny little curb.

  18. Matt I didn’t mean to suggest that parking next to the red curb did get people killed. My point was how far will you let people go before you crack down on them? For example you said people were doing burn outs inside the red curbs. And if you check with the CHP you might find that their have been deaths out their.

  19. Tricky tad tickets Matt? How far do you let people go before though have to write tickets? People wrecking and dying is a good reason to write tickets.

  20. Thanks for tge memories. I had forg otten hiw great it was in SoCal. I had spent sometime there in the late 90s riding up & down Topanga canyon & on the PCH! Top shelf cruising.

  21. Great video Matt again i have to say the Rock story was a Disappointment for all of us when we went we were thinking it was like cooks corner we were SHOCKED no band and for music they had a radio behind the bar had to split traffic all the way back to the inland Empire not a problem for me cause I was on my Dyna but had to check it out actually enjoyed Neptune's Nest more still nothing like cooks to Hells kitchen run or from Hells to cooks

  22. Awesome vid matt. Now if i could only ever make it out that way from ky ill know the hot spots!

  23. Great video matter. You have an awesome looking dealership. Just subbed not long ago. Thanks from Ohio.🍻

  24. Wonderful Place!

  25. That’s a fun video, very cool

  26. You live there, I don’t but leo doesn’t want you up there? Or they’re trying to ruin your good time? Really? You said it yourself, lots of burnouts and reckless driving, maybe stop that crap and everyone step up and follow the traffic law for the area?

  27. After watching your video on customizing your new 2018 Street Glide, I went and did the same set up on my Roadglide Ultra, slip-ons, AC and tuner. Mat my bike is running excellent, I couldn't be happier with that setup and still keeping my warranty. 👍👍👍

  28. Great video! You really should come to Switzerland, we have a lot of roads like that!

  29. which mirrors do u have on ur street glide?

  30. Hello from Malaysia 🙂 Great video Matt! Thanks for sharing. I plan to ride in SoCal on a Sun early December this year and hope to go to the same stops featured in this video. What's the traffic like on the 101 and 405 on a Sunday?

  31. Can't believe the rock store is gone😢😢

  32. Wonderful ride and beautiful sceneries. Great to see you and your co workers bonding off the job and enjoying a ride together. It also gives you an overview of their riding skills so you can help them improve.

  33. This was a pretty cool look at the California scene. Do more of these vids.

  34. Great saddle.

  35. Nice Video Matt. We have the same kind of road in the south of France. It’s nice to ride on. Keep it up. 👍🏻

  36. I'm surprised nobody showed up in a tricked out Civic…

  37. My buddy and I work on boats for a living ( carpentry and fiberglass ) one of our billionaire clients lives out there on Mullholland drive … he has 2 pet Lynx 😳 got to pet them … I guess they liked me , or wanted to eventually eat me 😂 they feel like and ordinary house cat, but they’re the size of a large dog ! Thanks for showing me that ride, definitely gonna do that in the next couple weekends !

  38. I like the views showing your bars….i have a 19' Street Glide Special and was wanting similar bars because I'm 6'4" tall. Plus they look better. I know you are taller and you look pretty relaxed. It looks like I could keep my mirrors on the wing though. If prefer not to have them on the bars.

  39. Yeah, done it twice, got the tee shirt. Don’t dig the traffic any day of the week, highways or the canyons, nor the crazy riding that comes with the territory; too many options. Great drone coverage of the coast.

  40. Do the tail of the dragon

  41. Great video Matt, always love your vids, commentary and honesty. My next trip back to So. California I plan to visit your store.

  42. One of your best vlogs – AWESOME – A video to watch more than once!
    I am going to quit my job, leave the East coast and hang out with you all! Never seen so many bikes together except the Memorial Day in DC.

  43. Very cool video. R.I.P. Paul Walker.

  44. Yep, who needs a shirt. But!! If you've been acquainted with the big cheese grinder as much as I have in my younger life, you get a bit more wary 🙂

  45. Fun video to watch. Beautiful ocean.

  46. Neptunes net also is the movie set venue where Keanu Reaves er "Johnny Montana" fbi undercover agent going after surfer bank robber Patrick Swayze in the phony movie "Point Break"..Johnny Montana ordered the Schrimps basket there.."Schrimps" LOL

  47. Besides all the old money on Mulholand…you forget to mention what its really famous for..the murdered dead bodies found dumped up there too!

  48. That tricked out Lowrider is growing on me.

  49. wow thanks Matt, we get to ride the local haunts without the jetlag! cheers from Brisbane Australia.

  50. Matt … keep on making these video's … The Rock Store and Neptune's Net are as we call in Belgium "m'as-tu-vu" places … but that's OK … The most important is what Thomas Stearns Eliot once said “The journey, Not the destination matters…”. You're blessed to live in an area with Mullholland Hwy and Decker road in your backyard.

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