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  1. Greek yogurt has dairy. Dairy is ment for baby cows not humans.

  2. Plant base protien powders is good

  3. If you eat a lot of yogurt, do you need to be wary of the calcium?

  4. this guy looks like speck from grappler baki.

  5. what a cringe hill billy

  6. I don't eat non-fat anything. It's full of crap. We make our own real yogurt at home for dirt cheap, and use a little of the last batch to start our next batch.

  7. Sheogorath demands that you get your fat macros strictly from CHEESE!!

  8. Scooby the mother fucker.

  9. Why on earth are you standing in that awkward position? You've pulled your shoulders back… I don't know WHY???

  10. ha, i'm not a picky eater, but this stuff doesn't exactly taste like butter. i find it rather harsh tasting, actually, but i eat it anyway. with flax, some fruit, and a big glass of water, it really does fill you up

  11. "Skyr" is the best. it has more protein than greek yoghurt and tastes better 🙂

  12. I bet it’s beer. 😛

  13. Scooby looks good, but man he's flexing for all he's worth.

  14. Husband! 😘

  15. How about cottage cheese 🤔

  16. Most overlooked protein source: Gooby's juicy nipples

  17. We all know scoobys protein source already…it’s Scott

  18. Scooby, that hat makes you look like such a FREAK. STOP!

  19. Hey, your German pronunciation got better!

  20. Man you look great for 58 years old! You look great anyway but especially for 58!

  21. This man must have stock in Costco.

  22. You want to go with the goat variety because cows dairy is rich in estrogen and possibly progesterone. Organic or not cows are milked while pregnant, more often then not, while pregnant goats milk tastes funny so high quality sources don't harvest pregnant goats milk. They harvest several weeks after birth, and the babies get first dibs.

  23. I do a quark shake every day – just some orange juice + quark, DONE

  24. 1:51 the true claimant of "I can't believe it's not butter"

  25. are you really german? Never heard of Woche being called "Woke" Before 😛

  26. guys just cannibalise human muscle tissue
    so simple smh

  27. Too bad Swedish quark makes my stomach fart every 10 seconds 🙁

  28. Skyr! Best thing ever.

  29. lol retarded comparing a powder serving with a 80%water-food serving

  30. does one need to factor in the so-called absorption rate of a powdered protein source as opposed to greek yogurt? and the convenience of not having to refrigerate the powder, which makes sense for body builders on a time crunch, etc

  31. Thanks for taking the differences between USA and Europe into account.

    P.S. I eat a kilo of kwark every day, it's 9 gram of protein per 100 gram of product (but also 4,4 grams of sugar).

  32. I think protein powder is worse then real food. Its better to ballance things out, eat protein from dairy and meat with vegetable.

  33. I#am Peter Zane !

  34. I eat 500 grams of quark everyday but since i don´t like the taste of it very much, I mix some protein powder in so it basically tastes like a diet pudding. And yeah thats a lot of protein!
    Finally an american that knows about quark lol

  35. Greek yogurt and quark is 3x more expensive than whey isolate powder, which is less than 2 cents per gram of protein. At least in Canada. And then it's full of lactose. And much more expensive than good ol isolate powder.

  36. You nailed it on the Europe/US regulation differences. Unfortunately the Republicans have really screwed us on this for years.

  37. 1. buy whole milk
    2. boil, keep in the oven for 24 hours
    3. remove clotted cream and add salt to it
    4. heat up the remaining milk and add vinegar, stir
    5. drain the ricotta cheese, conserve whey
    you got 3 high quality products. clotted cream can be eaten with pretty much everything, sweet or savory. whey is rich in micro-nutrients. ricotta is rich in protein and a super food.

  38. "Most overlooked protein source… a German village" Scooby has turned Conan the barbarian on us

  39. Scooby, I really appreciate all the content you put out!! its been really helpful. Keep up the good work, and thank you for sharing your insights. I appreciate the honesty on all your videos !

  40. Put that stuff on your sweet potato.

  41. Scooby, the amount of estrogen in dairy products is of concern – looking at you though, it doesn't seem to have been a problem?
    Maybe exercise counters the excess estrogen in dairy products? What are your thoughts?

  42. Milk Chocolate is the most overlooked protein source.

  43. I can always rely on Scooby for great down to Earth info I can use. Plus great physique. Kudos!

  44. I know it’s a green screen but I love to imagine he’s just shirtless, in a fedora, shouting in a nice lil European town

  45. scooby nipples in 4K 😍

  46. Put a shirt on, for chris'sakes.

  47. Is peanut butter a good protain source?

  48. Scooby does living in the US make you depressed with all the pesticide, hormone, steroid, and other chemical infested foods that are approved to serve? Even if you are wise as an adult in US you were most likely raised on this tainted food.

  49. I doubt many if any think that protein powder is better than protein from real food like chicken or fish 🙂
    They use it for convenience, not for thinking it is better.

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