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  1. I'd be famous XDDDDDDDDD

  2. @PhanNTran instead of a lamburgini gallaredo id buy a bugatti veron its only 300,000 dollars

  3. hehhehe this video is nice is good those who learing english langauge

  4. I'd buy Toronto =)

  5. if i had a million dollars i'd buy.

    a house. then buy material and make myself a secret place in the house… 😀

    then have like a batcave like xD BEST TECHNOLOGY. in the world…. 😀

    and of course A LAMBORGHINI Gallardo 😀

  6. I would give 47% to the government for taxes

  7. I'd move to Japan.

  8. how is it cute??? Just wondering…

  9. I like the idea of a video multiple choice quiz.

    I hate the mega consumption assumptions of the choices though. How about some choices of paying off debts, helping family, giving to charity, etc?

  10. first thing id do would be to convert it into english pounds. 🙂
    then id probably get some private tutoring for japanese lessons 😀 buy some cool stuff and give the rest to my parents.

  11. kawaii= cute

  12. This is kawaii.

  13. Not so bad..

  14. lol i would get a labtop,pay for university,get a condo, a car and give some to my parents

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