Travel video about destination Jeju Island in South Korea.
Around a hundred kilometres off South Korea’s southern coast and lapped by the waves of the East China Sea is Jeju Island, an extraordinary holiday paradise situated on a volcanic island with temples, waterfalls, tee plantations and several leisure facilities. In the middle of the north coast is Jeju-Si, the island’s capital city. The first thing that catches the eye is Yongduam Rock that is situated on the city’s western periphery. It is an unusual lava formation that resembles a dragon’s head. The National Museum features the island’s history and culture including the clothing of the first settlers and the boats that first brought them to the island. The nearby fishing village of Haenyed boasts a special attraction, the island’s famous female divers. For generations these courageous women have dived to a depth of twenty metres for shells and seaweed without breathing apparatus and go for two minutes without breathing. On the western heights of the south coast is the Songaksan Crater, an extinct volcano whose slopes are covered with green vegetation. The steep coast and rocky bay indicate that powerful eruptions once took place there and perhaps the volcano’s benign appearance may only be a momentary lapse in the geological history of the island. Jeju Island is a remarkable place and well worth a travel’ target=’_blank’> visit !

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  2. This video was shot in the 2000s.

    BGM is all Chinese music 🙁

  3. with Chinese music intro…nice work! lol

  4. Our waterfall looks much more better than jeongbang waterfall

  5. imagine What are Taekook did at jeju island.. //WTHimDoingHere

  6. I payed money to visit that place. I can resume it very simply… go somewhere else, it's greener than the rest of Korea, yes, but I'd rather save a little more money and visit a new and amazing country.

  7. so is jeju a tourist island?

  8. Hi , is Jeju island one area that can cover all these attractions by foot ? like a mountain trail ? or these attractions are miles away and need to travel to reach each attractions ?

  9. poor animals… they should not advertise the shows…

  10. This does a spectacularly awful job at selling this as an interesting destination. Super cheesy with awful music and making the sites seem dull and ordinary 🙁

  11. I never had a chance to visit Jeju island. Looks awesome

  12. I want to go to Jeju island soon 🙂 😀

  13. #7890 i wanna go here is it a state of just and island?

  14. really I wanna visit jeju island

  15. The narrator's voice/accent sounds awful.
    Where did you find this man????

  16. Lol 25k views, 4 comments including this.

  17. guess they couldnt afford to pay a narrator who could pronounce the place names correctly

  18. dont put chinese music with jeju island.. it is inslut.

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