Thank you for watching my video on my journey to Seoul! Usually I would fly to Seoul, but because of the holiday all flights were sold out. The ones that did remain were really expensive and offered awful times, so I decided to travel to Seoul another way! Follow me as I travel by ferry and two buses up to Seoul from Jeju City on Jeju Island! ^^

Welcome to my channel! I’m Patrick! I’m an English teacher in South Korea. I love to travel and I’m also a travel vlogger. I live and work on Jeju island Korea where I do most of my travel videos. I will be starting a long travel trip during the summer of 2017 and will be travel’ target=’_blank’> visit ing many countries! Feel free to subscribe and send me any questions you may have! Weekly videos uploaded every week! ^_-

Join me, Pat, in living every moment to the Max!!



Checkout my last video on Songdo City!


Music by; Ehrling

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Recorded with: Cannon IXUS 285 HS



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  1. Question! Is taking a plane to GIMPO then a train to Gangnan much better option for me of I'm going from Jeju to Gangnam?? Thanks!!

  2. You should cover prices and timings

  3. You're an underrated travel vlog. This sure deserves alot. I've just scNned through your channel. Just wow. It was amazing

  4. How may hours does it took from jeju to wondo?

  5. Hello! Where is the jeju ferry terminal located?

  6. I really enjoy your videos. I'm thinking about driving down in my car and taking the Wando-Jeju ferry. Do you know if I can take my dog on the ferry too? I'd hate to leave my dog alone.

  7. Awesome

  8. Hello man.nice videos,I have a question.there are not checkpoint from the jeju to Seoul.😍😍

  9. hi, how many hours did you spend in riding the ferry? I mean from Jeju to Wandu?

  10. Thank you for this useful information. Is there train service from Seoul to Jeju and how far is it ?

  11. Thanks for this information. Good video…in case I got stuck with noflight to go back to Seoul from Jeju. Thanks again Pat.

  12. thanks for always ur video. im korean but i can't trip . if u have chance going to cheju from pusan habor at night i hope see that film.

  13. Beautiful video bro..which camera u used?is it Canon ixus 285?
    if it is ixus 285 then please make a zoom test of this camera..Please

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