The semi finals are finished and we have our finalists. Some BIG surprises (maybe injustices depending on how you feel) but regardless, here is what I think about the songs now that I have heard each of them performed live.

Really hope France pick my #1 because I think it would give them a great shot in Tel Aviv. Also think they would not need to do much to it.

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  1. I am so sad that Florina DIDNT EVEN QUALIFY!! She was still my n1 by far cause Aysat (my n2) had vocal far off the studio version. She could’ve been 3rd in my top 😩

  2. From France:
    My winner last: Madame Monsieur – Mercy

    18. Allez leur dire (01/10)
    17. Ma petite famille (02/10)
    16. La promesse (02/10)
    15. Sois un bon fils (02/10)
    14. Madame la paix (07/10)
    13. Passio (07/10)
    12. Por aqui (08/10)
    11. Le brasier (10/10)
    10. Oulala (10/10)
    09. J'ai pas le temps (10/10)
    08. La-haut (10/10)
    07. Ce qui me blesse (10/10)
    06. Tout les deux (10/10)
    05. Comme une grande (10/10)
    04. On cherche encore (Never Get Enough) (10/10)
    03. In The Shadow (10/10)
    02. La voix d'Aretha (10/10)
    01. Roi (10/10)

  3. Before the show, Por Aqui was my favourite. Unfortunatly, Tracy's live vocals weren't inpressive 🙁
    Noémie's song is a big guilty pleasure aswell!

  4. Opinion of french guy :  
    8 – Sois un bon Fils – Douston (No pts) 
    7 – La Voix de Aretha – The Divaz (2 Pts) 
    6 – Le petit nicolas – Silvan Areg (4 pts) 
    5 – La promesse – Emmanuel Moire (6 pts) 
    4 – La Haut – Chimène Badi (7 pts) 
    3 – Comme une grande – Aysat (8 pts) 
    2 – Roi – Bilal Hassani (10 pts) 
    1 – Tous les deux – Seemone (12 pts)

  5. Did I say that I absolutely agree with most of your top?, I definitely think they should send Seemone, and Ugo was so robbed.

  6. My top 18:
    18th) Noemie – Ma Petite Famille
    17th) Silvan Areg – Le Petite Nicolas
    16th) Mazy – Oulala
    15th) Naestro – Le Braiser
    14th) Battista Acquaviva – Passio
    13th) Ugo – Ce Qui Me Blesse
    12th) PhilipElise – Madame La Paix
    11th) Doutson – Sois Un Bon Fils
    10th) The Divaz – La Voix D'Aretha
    9th) Emmanuel Moire – La Promesse
    8th) Florina – In The Shadow
    7th) Chimene Badi – La Haut
    6th) Tracy de Sa – Por Aqui
    5th) Gabriella – On Cherche Encore
    4th) Bilal Hassani – Roi
    3rd) Lautner – J'ai Pas Le Temps
    2nd) Aysat – Comme Une Grande
    1st) Seemone – Tous Les Deux

    My opinion is always changing though, and almost all of these songs I love

  7. Same winner from France 🙂


    Notes are 67% based on song and 33% based on performance (staging/vocals)

    01. "On cherche encore (Never Get Enough)" 9.6/10.0 (+1)
    02. "Tous les deux" 8.8/10.0 (+5)
    03. "Ce qui me blesse" 8.7/10.0 (=)
    04. "Por aqui" 8.6/10.0 (+1)
    05. "La promesse" 8.4/10.0 (+3)
    06. "Là-haut" 8.4/10.0 (=)
    07. "Le brasier" 8.4/10.0 (-3)
    08. "In The Shadow" 8.3/10.0 (-7)
    09. "Roi" 8.1/10.0 (=)
    10. "Comme Une Grande" 8.1/10.0 (=)
    11. "La voix d'Aretha" 7.7/10.0 (+2)
    12. "J'ai pas le temps" 7.3/10.0 (+3)
    13. "Passio" 7.3/10.0 (-2)
    14. "Oulala" 6.8/10.0 (-1)
    15. "Madame la paix" 6.5/10.0 (+1)
    16. "Sois un bon fils" 6.4/10.0 (-2)
    17. "Le Petit Nicolas" 6.1/10.0 (+1)
    18. "Ma petite famille" 6.1/10.0 (-1)

  9. Agree! Ugo's song is the best out of all of them! Even though the performance was a bit empty, I still felt every emotion about what he sang…

  10. Ugo almost qualified………..juries 🙁 But I am happy that Seemone gained full mark from international juries! 🙂 That was a real masterpiece unlike some random costume change gimmick who won the televote!!

  11. I think Battista would have benefitted from using one of those mics/headsets that they give to singers, I think that's why her sound was so inconsistent.

    Still so sad about Gabriella, she was second only to Noémie in vocals tonight (Seemone was a bit weak vocally IMO).

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