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Red light district of Bangkok Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy are among some of the most travel’ target=’_blank’> visit ed places in Thailand. This provides an insight into how an average night in this area looks. With examples of scenes from the district. On my budget trip to Bangkok and Pattaya, I explored both cities and passed by the infamous Soi 4 and Nana place which is the center of adult services in Bangkok.

In this video, I have shown infamous Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza which are known for the adult nightlife in Bangkok. I have also shown a night market in Bangkok and cheap options to eat food in the Sukhumvit area

I used the BTS Metro to commute in the two main streets shown in the video in Bangkok for cheap transport.

Disclaimer: The video and its content is only intended for education and awareness purpose only and doesn’t support any illegal activity of any kind whatsoever. Nor does it support or justify indulgence in any unhealthy activity.



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