This full travel guide 2019 about Bangkok shows you tips on what to do and what scams to avoid in Bangkok Thailand.

I have been living in Bangkok in january 2019 for one month now and wanna share my 8 top insider tips with you so you will not fall for tour ist traps and scams. When you travel’ target=’_blank’> visit Bangkok these are the most important things to avoid. Also I will provide you with alternative travel tips for great experiences to do instead.

This Bangkok Travel Guide 2019 includes:
Things to avoid:
Taxi traps, Khao San Road, Expensive Food, Bad Location, Certain Red Light Districts and more…

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  1. Very informative, thank you!

  2. Aahh ! Taxi, insist to use the meter, unfortunately, they know from each other thet don't, they see you step out and walk to another taxi, and say no too, after five taxi's there you stand ! I took motorbike taxi ! Bye bye.

  3. Pls work on your accent ;-D

  4. SCAM 2019 ; There are many Thai people on the internet who introduce themselves as "lawyers"! These are scammers, you pay the agreed amount in their bank account $$$, and after some days their facebook, instagram, linkedIN, … accounts are deleted or contact via e-mail remains unanswered ! …. no action from "Mr. Thai Lawyer". You need a lawyer in Thailand ??? The court is corrupt, al papers must be in Thai, Thai lawyers are a fraid from the court judge, so it wil cost you easy €2500, to lawyer-, court , translater fee, copy's…. and the chance to win and receive a fair compensation for your damage is very minimal 10%, and if you are right, you must still summon (excecution) the convicted person and be the last step = 'seize their goods'. These steps must also be paid by you and usually the bad boys has all his belongings in a different name, new bank account, not the same adress, !!!new name !!! , (all OK for the excecution officer)….! You have already paid all the costs (€2500 + €2500 + time +/ 5 years / 10 Years + traveling to thai court times), you have a verdict …. (Thai Verdict against Thai is like a leaf filling, show, face for Thailand 'law of rule' …., foreigners in Thailand are even less than a dog!) "Invest agreements' are 'BULL SHIT" in Thailand (BIT)

  5. The BTS works very well? ha-ha ha-ha

  6. Thanks for the information bro I will be there next month

  7. your accent reeks of an idiot

  8. same scams……..LOL

  9. If you want more subscriber we go the PHILIPPINES people there loves foreign vlogger and the PHILIPPINES unique place on Earth and have a lots of offer and also people there are good and amazing .

  10. Very Good my friend

  11. May be just me. Most negative people almost always Indians or of some kinds of it.

  12. Thanks for your tips! A nice and short video with some of the most importand tipps. I've also made the experience, that many things have changed through the last years. The prices nearly raised 300% in the last decade.
    There are some cool new places for example Artbox Market between Nana and Asok station (it is like an street food festival in western country). Would be great if you give some advise to such new places cause you named the video also tips for 2019. ✌🏽

  13. im off to thailand for my 1st time later on this year thanks for all the info and great video

  14. I think for 1 month in Thailand speak with too much sure Thai people avoid koasan rd.. is not true..then just ask taxi meters for all taxi so not more plus on the bill easy..isn't whenever you are in bkk.This as also many foreigners have the attitude to be able to understand the city and culture in just 1 month just think I living in bkk for 17 years..

  15. Love to meet up the night i stay in the city

  16. Hi mate are you still liven in thailand im going back there on the 14 the sept for a,weeks holiday going to koh samui i think

  17. No.6 haha

  18. The first thing I did when I lived in BKK, was to buy a motorbike. Skip the first 4 things to avoid by just doing that.

  19. Expensive food is the major issue in Bangkok. I was not able to find economical option.

  20. I think some of the things said in this video is a bit off.
    Firstly, Tuk Tuks are only slightly more expensive than taxis if you speak just a bit of thai, even as a foreigner.
    Secondly, to say that no thais go to Kao San is simply wrong, as it's still a very popular place for young thais go out (mainly because many clubs in Bangkok have fairly strict age restrictions).

  21. There are no scams, just stupid farangs .

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