Headed to Thailand or anywhere else in South East Asia? There’s a good chance you’ll be spending at least a few days in the wild city of Bangkok. Matt Owen gives you his tips on how to have an epic time in this amazing and crazy town.

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In this Video:

Blanket & Bean Inn (Soi 4 off Sukhumvit)
Lebua at State Tower (Silom)

Thip Samai (Near Golden Mount)
Joke Prince (Charoen Krung Road)
Boonsup (Charoen Krung Road)

Sky Bar at Lebua (Silom)
Maggie Choo’s (Silom)

Patpong Night Market
Nana Plaza

Chatuchak Weekend Market
Amphawa Floating Market

Wat Pho
Grand Palace
Wait Traimit
Golden Mount
Wat Arun



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  1. It’s only full of drunken tourists if you go where all the drunken tourists go. There are lovely parts of the city that are not about bars and tourists.

  2. Fuck you youtube! 2 adverts before a video now? FUCK YOU!!!

  3. Matt, i've been there recently and i must say Thailand is an amazing country with the most beautiful, kind and friendliest people i have ever met. I loved it there and planing to go there again very soon 🙂

  4. All you need to know about Bangkok are in this video!

  5. Yeah I'm about ten videos in and this is my fav love your personality man!

  6. thanks for the tips ❤️ cant wait for our vacay 🤛🏻

  7. One thing you need to do is to p ronounce things correctly. It is "took-took" not tuck-tuck.

  8. Yes Bangkok is a great place to eat shop etc…. But beware of the scams. Galore….. Is also a great way to lose your money………

  9. One of the best videos about thai. You explain really good. Big up man.

  10. all these travel vloggers who go to Bangkok for a week or two say you should always make the driver run the meter, otherwise don't get in. however, the quotes they ask before getting in are often pretty fair. if not, its pretty easy to negotiate a fair fare before getting in. Its really not that expensive, even with a prenegotiated, off-meter rate. The metered rates, I think, are too low. I also like to be able to get in a cab asap without waiting in the heat and pollution, which you will be doing plenty of trying to find a cabbie willing to run the meter. So you're paying for the convenience with the pre negotiated fare, which is almost always worth it for me unless I'm trying to catch one around heavy touristy areas like the grand palace where rates are exorbitant.

  11. I have been to Bangkok a few times and can connect with your content fully. Great stuff for someone being there the first time 👍🏻

  12. I have to correct you sir on the matter of the best tailor in Bangkok!
    You should always go to Narin Couture on:
    155/1 Sukhumvit 11/1 Alley, Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110, Thailand
    (On the same side of Sukhumvit as Raja's but towards Asok instead of Nana. Turn right off Soi 8 and you'll get there in a jiffy!)
    This guy was educated in Paris and I can assure you that paying the somewhat elevated price will be worth every single baht!

  13. cement closet? see, now I'm thinkin there was a closet there, and there's someone in it, and now he's all cemented in. Why can't people just hang a damn picture? or maybe paint the wall.

  14. I was gonna say thank you for the advice, until I googled thailand ping pong…….

  15. Great video Matt. Thanks!

  16. This is not bad. Matt cannot pronounce ANY of the Thai place names correctly, but otherwise it's pretty watchable.

  17. Great video

  18. Subscribed 🙂

  19. Also the grab app isa must have cheaper than a taxi and virtually foolproof

  20. woah this was really informative and well presented, thanks!

  21. Now this is an excellent video. Thanks. And Subscribed

  22. I'm Thai and this is by far the best and most accurate BKK travel tip

  23. keep in mind that a great deal of what's passed off in Thailand as "traditional Thai culture" was only invented about 70-80 years ago…and that includes pad thai. yes, locals eat it, but far from every day. basic rule: if it looks appealing, and lots of locals are eating it: try it.

  24. motorcycle taxi drivers in Bangkok are very often drunk and/or high on meth. avoid at all costs.

  25. Another gem Matt. Next time do a night river boat dinner cruise. Awesome views of the city and great food. Also Siam Paragon Mall. It is located on 991 Rama 1 Road, Pathum Wan, Bangkok. Siam-BTS station. Amazing mall and an equally amazing food court at the bottom level.

  26. Penicilion LMAO

  27. AWESOME !!!

  28. It's worth a four day stay, after 13 years it gets a bit of a drag!

  29. Khaosan road was shit the only good thing was helium, but the rest was crap, 1000 foreigners barely any thai, I dont goto bangkok to deal with dumb asses that come from my own westernised countries or others

  30. Thanks Matt. Entertaining informative and well done video.

  31. Love Thailand, always feel heart broken when have to leave.. miss the people, countryside, the food, the Islands, my friends and my Thai family… Pom Rak..

  32. Why not Fargo?

  33. Great video. We stayed at the Sheraton Hotel on the Chao Phraya River. It was only $60 usd per night and that included breakfast and a beautiful pool. Taking the river buses was a trip in itself. What a great place.

  34. I lived in bangkok.

    Stay away from tourists and tourist areas

    Tuck tuck?????

    Idiot.learn to pronunce it properly.

    Tuk tuk(same as took in english)

  35. See what you think of Istanbul

  36. Another tourist who thinks he's qualified to give travel tips?? Another scam artist. Internet = complete disinfo.

  37. U r Great

  38. Can suggest nandha hotel in sukhumvit soi 11

  39. You did an awesome video on BKK!

  40. Raja’s Tailor is SH*T… I wouldn’t use his suit material for toilet paper, unless after Taco Bell Bean Burrito night

  41. this video makes me so excited for Bangkok!!!

  42. tree mendous. well done. great vid. ive subscribed.

  43. Best tips video I’ve ever seen!

  44. I arrive in Bangkok next week just me and my backpack, thank you for calming my nerves 🙏

  45. you can guess how fargo's first night with a ladyboy went back then …

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