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  1. The List Starts at 0:45 for Those That Don't Want to Know Our Criteria 🙂 Also, What Are Some of YOUR Cheap Destinations Around The World That Are Great to Visit that Give You The Biggest Bang for Your Buck? Thanks again for all of your support & Happy Travels to all of You Fellow Travelers!

  2. Spain and Portugal are cheap countries.

  3. I've been in dubrovnik last week, it's very far from being cheap, man.

  4. Been to 7 out of the 10 cities, loved each one of them 🙂

  5. I Loved Cracow a lot

  6. Skopje is cool everything that you think is old is made in 2002 and best food is in Skopje.🇲🇰❤️. Its as cheap as it gets too

  7. Ru dumb where’s Italy

  8. Naples is really cheap too for those looking to stay anywhere in south Italy!

  9. Your talking like hurricane. Speaking without pit stop, btw,, i like your videos.

  10. my golden tip, go to Sarandë in Albania, it’s a beautiful city, an amazing boulevard with an amazing atmosphere and great music and you pay like 1.25 for a coke!

  11. Belgrade is the best!

  12. Lisbon is a fabulous city. Compact enough to get around easily. Great architecture, fascinating history and culture, friendly people fantastic food and a great vibe. What else do you need?

  13. Great video. I have visited most of those cities and they are all great value- except Dubrovnik. It’s become very expensive and it’s overrun with cruise ships full of tourists. I loved Lisbon- fantastic capital city

  14. Kyiv too.

  15. Are u stupid Dubrovnik is one of the most expencive cities in europe 1hour parking in Dubrovnik is 27euros

  16. Come to Kyiv. Great food, awesome churches, and wonderful atmosphere.

  17. Terrible, that he speaks so fast!!

  18. No Kiev?

  19. So basically Eastern Europe and Portugal?

  20. Great vlog Walter ❤️ I’m heading both Krakow and Dubrovnik this year. Can’t wait 😊

  21. Jocelyn is Greek!? No wonder she's a beauty.
    Thanks for the informative videos.

  22. Nice video. Did you ever go to Lviv?

  23. Granada and Seville are cheaper and lots of fun.

  24. I love travelling around Europe. Generally speaking I have found southern and eastern Europe to be more affordable than northern Europe. Loved Poland, Czech Republic, Spain, & Portugal.

  25. I want to see Budapest but I really love Prague. And of course Rome but its expensive there. 🤩🏖

  26. Another Great Informative video!
    A friend of mine told me Prague is Thee Place!!
    I follow another couple who moved from Canada to travel abroad, and have seen some of these places on hers as well!
    I'm not sure where in Latvi, but I do know the Chicago Blues Bands go over there to play when they tour.

    Now food .. I hear You! From one Foodie Lover to another! 🥂🥘🥖🍷🍻

  27. I don't why,, I always love Europe

  28. Prague & Budapest……beautiful cities. Will eventually get to the others.

  29. Kotor, Montenegro

  30. Thessaloniki, Greece should be on your list! Beautiful city, great food, incredible nightlife.. and cheap of course!

  31. Hello from Malaysia! Thank you for your interesting and informative video. It's good to know these for my future travels.

    However, would you be kind to list out the prices of hotels and places you visited because when you say cheap ,in my mind is how cheap is cheap? Can you please elaborate. Eg. what do you pay for food. A range between 10-20 euro for a lunch meal?
    Thanks and cheers!

  32. Dubrovnik is not cheap what are you talking about?

  33. Sarajevo, Prizren and Ljubljana are so underrated. I recommend Prizren, Kosovo to anyone. It's so beautiful.

  34. Have you been to Bucharest, Romania? Make a video about it

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