Anyong chingoo! I’ve been getting ready for my trip to Korea and wanted to share a list of things to do when preparing for your own travel’ target=’_blank’> visit . If it’s your first time travel ing anywhere, this video may be just as useful 🙂 Hope you enjoy and let me know if there’s something you do to prepare for Korea!

Korean Table Manners:
Korean Drinking Etiquette:

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  1. Good morning already arrived and just seeing this!

  2. this is very helpful. Thank you

  3. woow amazing video
    Please subscribe our korean network youtube channel..thank you soo much

  4. Thanks for the info big cheeks

  5. Does she is korean or not why she sounds sooo native in both english and korea 대박

  6. Im from sweden how should I do with my passport??

  7. She literally just look like Tony Gonzaga an actress from philippines

  8. Does someone have tips about the Language differences, food etc.. .

    Like, I am not a native American or Englishwomen and I would like to go to South Korea once and go on a little vacation or something.
    Will I be able to communicate with Koreans even though I don't speak Korean that well (I can read Hangul but I am still learning on how to speak the language).

    And do they have many choices in terms of food? I am not a picky eater but I don't know a lot of Korean food.

  9. I just want to go to Korea because I want a boyfriend from Korea not because of kdrama or kpop idols is because I just want my child to be mixed and speak 3 languages like English, Spanish and Korean

  10. I wanna live in Korea and I’m just finna be so rude because I’m dumb 🙁

  11. Im going to korea in 1 or 2 years and im already planning ;-;

  12. As an American citizen do I need a visa to go to korea.?

  13. one of my dreams after school is going to live in korea for a year

  14. But if you want to go shopping you need to be really really skinny since the clothes are very small there

  15. I am actually planning to study in Korea but I’m gonna be a freshman. Im already thinking of college.

  16. me having a phobia of needles. Really wants to go to Korea for an internship but as soon as the injections are mentioned, almost getting a panic attack and sweating heavily

  17. Rabies wtf

  18. Thank you <3 I need this because I will go to Korea and marry Kim Taehyung :3 ehem

  19. Thank you very much for this informative tips!!!
    Excited to go to Korea soon!

  20. Remember…If you travel in korea you should have some knowledge of korean language…

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