Here are 11 things you should NEVER do in South Korea. The country is one of the most amazing places in Asia, but the culture can be difficult to navigate if it’s your first time. These are some helpful tips when getting to know the Korean people.

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a movie by Cal McKinley

Covered in Oil – Broke for Free

Additional footage by: OmahaTom, Jazzy Chan



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  1. So there's no way I pronounced "Jeong" correctly but it was worth a shot 😀 If you enjoyed the video let me know!
    Also check out my website for a full list of recommendations on what you SHOULD do!

    and yes some of the train footage I used is from my trip to Japan not Korea (I ran out of train footage) but I'm sure you still get the point 😉

  2. #4 is a Japanese thing. It’s totally OK to talk on a train in Korea as long as you talk just loud enough for a person next to you to hear.

  3. Haha
    A lot of those scenes are in Japan.
    Freaking what a joke.

  4. This is Japan from 1'45'' to 2'06

  5. Don’t go to Korea just for kpop why go for something you can see at home? If you’re going somewhere go deep into that place not just the surface

  6. All japan videos go fuck yourself dumbass

  7. Im korean and i didnt even know about the chopsticks. Although it never feels right to stick it in the rice like that

  8. Better off not going to Korea

  9. Very comprehensive and informative! Enjoyed watching your video!!! 👍🏻

  10. Rip no. 0 always read comments while watching.

    Because you I'll get more information there.

  11. what really matters in korea
    1. referencing japanese or chinese stuff to make describe or comparing them make korean intolerable.
    2. koreans are very conscious to other's attention. etiquette is not optional. but also generous to forgive, when it is not heavily illegal.
    3. when you meet somebody who are older, give them more respect than younger one. but I do not force you apply every situation like you are offended or required to be official-mannered. there's many cultural manner in korea from Confucianism, but it is much reviewed nowadays and some manners were discarded.
    4. Be honest to the agenda. making excuse or hiding make problem bigger. Give them right thing what they requested.
    5. Do not trust every korean. Showing too much intimacy can easily hurt yourself. But I don't mean your intimacy is bad thing. Some koreans(not everyone) tend to be shy but It's because they are not sure to trust you and actually very careful about other's mood, especially women do. but they do not hide their inner mind when they have to, contrastively to japanese. when you be honest with them, they might slowly get open minded to you.
    6. Korea was invaded thausands of times historically so was very hostile to foreigners in old days. Even we called ourselves Single Ethnic nation in 20 years ago, but not in nowadays. Racism is decreasing much faster, but there still exists by several old people. Do not panic and be tolerant to them. That's because they aren't educated well.

  12. I sip soju infront of a older person, I talk on trains and sometimes laugh quite loud, receive almost everything with one hand and I don’t give a fuck lol.

  13. Racist country

  14. the number eleven: always share

    me: *plays soviet anthem

  15. First i knew my dad was from Iran but I never knew it was Asian and found out a couple of days ago now I can ask my dad for more foods from Iran because everywhere is so amazing in the world

  16. All of those things.. even if when foreign visitors do .. Koreans understand so if you are planning to visit Korea, no worries. Plus about 7 ' do not get involved in fight': I lived in KR for over 40 years in Seoul, I saw street fight only once.

  17. Talking on trains or subway is perfectly normal. I'm living in Seoul and people carry on conversations and phone calls all the time. Just keep your voices down though as to not attract more attention. That's all.

  18. You can definitely talk/make phone calls in trains in Korea! Just don't be TOO loud.

  19. Don’t hold soju bottles in your hands and walk around with it outside.

  20. hmmmm…. have you ever been to Korea?

  21. these rules dont really apply to foreign tourists… and the chopstick thing.. i do that all the time (and im born and raised korean) .. its all about time and place … if youre in a casual setting no one gives 2 shits about any of this stuff especially for foreigners

  22. Wait, did you just start the video by saying Seoul is the 5th most Populous city in the world? facepalm Now I can't believe SHIT you say, in the rest of the video. How do you get that so far off?

  23. Well I’m screwed because I I hate sharing food!! I’m greedy lol But I get it though. My mother in law isn’t too big with the food situation but the remaining she is. As long as you are willing to learn, the rest because a natural habit.

  24. Superstitions were made to be broken

  25. Seems like I've heard the exact same rules, in the exact same way, in a what-not-to-do-in-Japan video… hm.. When we went to Japan and South Korea, the difference was HUGE. "Rules" in Japan are much more vivid than South Korea. An extra rule in both countries: DON'T WEAR ANYTHING THAT SHOWS OFF YOUR SHOULDERS OR SHOWS CLEAVAGE, OR YOU WILL HAVE A PROBLEM AT SOME POINT. Men, too.
    In Tokyo, Japan: No short shorts or short skirts. A big no-no. It is highly disrespectful. Wear a t-shirt or blouse, a long skirt, and closed toe shoes, and you'll fit right in. Men wear business clothes and are rarely casual dressed.
    In South Korea: Shorts are worn more frequently, but still not so short.
    Last, but not least: If you do a Korea-video, don't use footage from Japan…

  26. I've found in Latin America a tendency to love Korean music and Korean lifestyle…

  27. ok…but the music is way loud according the person who is speaking….

  28. That video is mixed in either japan or korea. and that viedo is most likely japan . Not korea

  29. ฺBest street food in the world? I don't think so.

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