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  1. SO WOKE

  2. 1:46 im from czech republic, and own a motorcycle, hmu dude

  3. "see the 7 wonders before they are all gone". THEY ARE ALL GONE!!! (Besides piramides) 🤦‍♂️

    And saying Cech Republic is "Dracula Country "? It ROMANIA

    Don't mean to be rude just shocking to me 💜

  4. take a shot for everytime people correct dracula country and youll die

  5. so apparently a bucket list means you have access to celebrities. yea ok

  6. 1:52 It's called Romania my man.

  7. “I wanna touch Nicki Minaj’s butt”

  8. Bro czech republic is not Dracula country.. its in Transilvania in Romainia

  9. This kinda made me sad 🤧

  10. 0:36 hAvE aN oRgY 💀💀

  11. nobody: not a soul: 2:19 : tOuCh A pEnIs

  12. 0:26 sis is PALE

  13. Sorry pal, you are a little late for the Czech Republic…..

  14. my bucket list is to be is rather plain but means a lot to me, first off to be a meaningful relationship one with a life partner, fall in love, complete MA to prove to myself even though I have a lot of academic handicaps I can do anything If I put my mind to it, get a career which I love and to be financially stable so I can have a family.

  15. “I wanna live in New York” no you don’t 😭

  16. The skinny woman at 1:32 OMG I want to eat her ass, she's so hot. That's on my bucket list.

  17. I never really had a bucket list but this video inspired me to start one. So far all I have on it is to be with a girl that looks like the one at 1:32 in this video.

  18. 01:15 😂thats weird

  19. Man, how fucking sad is some of them…. some are so irrelevant it fucking blows my mind.

  20. 3:24 is this guy suicidal?

  21. “Own an orchard?”

  22. “Touch a penis” I mean go on craigslist or something

  23. 3.34 did my man just say clear pool ??

  24. One black chick wanted to meet Yoko Ono, another black dude wanted to be in a Justin Beiber video, I'm starting to rethink this being black shit.
    And to the guy who wants to live in New York (Manhattan) Trush me, NO YOU DON'T!!

  25. You can totally still punch a Nazi in the face. just scrounge Youtube and set a meetup on craigslist, BAM face to face interaction to punch some Nazi's in the face.

  26. 2:35 – is that an angel? Damn I have never seen a woman so beautiful! No I don't have a crush on her and no fantasy. I am just admiring her beauty, she is just too precious to be someone partner. God has really been very kind with her in terms of beauty.

  27. But like…. Whos counting these people

  28. "touch a penis" :'D

  29. Should be harder but isn’t, punch a nazi. Well it’s true

  30. peru uwu

  31. 1:47 Drácula is actually from romania

  32. I'm hoping for a zombie apocalypse, so I can just walk around taking heads off. The Shaun of the dead zombies not the 28days later sprinting zombies
    …..Yeh that shit would be heavy

  33. 1:22 why is she a combo or kylie jenner and nina dobrev

  34. Build and fly my own airplane. Which I’m slowly building in the garage already

  35. 2:18 the way he said it omg hahahaha

  36. 1:37 oh in manhattan it’s very busy and noisy in there but there are some parts where it’s all calm 👍

  37. 1:44 omg thats touching

  38. 4:10 is IT possible to be more white than him?

  39. i live in alaska 😽

  40. Someone's gotta know who 1:33 is right? Please kindly share that info lmao

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