Here are 10 tips that I use when travel ing to Korea! These tips will help you get around, find housing, delivery, and all of that. LOL HOPEFULLY THESE HELP YOU WHEN GOING TO KOREA!


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  1. Thanks for nice vlog. please visit korean guy travel/fitness channel.

  2. I’m sorry but separating trash shouldn’t be something you should be annoyed off.. 😬🤷🏼‍♀️

  3. does she not know what recycling is lmao… also in switzerland we also have to pay for garbage bags but you have to throw them away so you can’t reuse them 🙁

  4. Dumb question but how long does the sim card last, is it until you go back home?

  5. Your fobby accent is killing me even though you don’t look fobby

  6. Seperating trash is normal tho?

  7. May I ask what country your parents are from?
    I hope I didn’t offend you by asking this.
    I am just curious because you are so pretty and in someway you look like you’re Asian but you don’t have Asian nose! 😊😊

  8. Is Korea expensive??

  9. T^T I wanna model but im only 11 maybe I can try to be a model in future

  10. Im going to korea next summer and this is so helpful thank you!! Also my name is emily too!

  11. Hi, I am the type to get hot easily, really easily…like I'll snowboard for 15mins and need to take off jacket and only have on a layer of thermal shirt. So is it good to go end of Feb/early March? I want to wear Hanbok, be able to walk around the palace for photos and not sweat in heat.

  12. i can relate that the Taxi thing … i was trying to get a Taxi to Hongdae at 4 am in the morning and i too was on the wrong side of the road and Hongdae was in the opposite direction , It took me 4 attempts to get a taxi , they would pull up roll down the window ask me where i was going and then just drive off !! haha on the 4th attempt i got one to take me .. after i got back home to the UK i heard about this and laughed at my self Thinking it was just me they didn't like lol


  14. WOW. These were REALLY useful tips. I wasn't expecting this, such surprising tips (especially the wrong way taxi thing). But apparently u got the bare shoulder and cleavage thing backwards.

  15. 13:40 it's actually raining outside my home lol

  16. bro when you said "ive been watching anime" you got 10 times more attractive holy fuck

  17. daamm you lookn fooiine

  18. YOu look a little bit of asian. Dna test.

  19. “When you come in the winter it’s really really REALLY REALLY REALLY cold!”
    But I’m from Canada…

  20. I want to know what hotel she went to…

  21. Thanks for the tips! 💜

  22. Thanks for the tip. Gonna be living in Seoul for 4-5 months soon.

  23. I swear theres literally nobody on YouTube who talks about the sim card, taxi situation in Korea and all the other ways to get around the city as well as communication and stay. I plan on traveling there soon, and I really needed this shit LMAOOO cause a girl was struggling trying to figure things out on the internet. Tips are really good btw, keep slaying girl. 🤘🤘 Hopefully I can go to Korea.

  24. Hotter than AZ? doubt that!

  25. Maybe because I’m an Asian guy but god dam you look fire in black!

  26. 10:17 lmao maybe your location advice is a bit biased no? x')

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    I want to visit Korea
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  28. BTS STAN RIGHT HERE: imagine emily and jimin orrr emily and V orrrr jimin and jungkook if only she’s younger than jk 💜

  29. What about your deep cleavage in Korea?

  30. Stay downtown

  31. so its really hot in the summer but really cold in the winter… interesting

  32. Could you pls tell me what hotel you stayed in?💗😂

  33. You are, like, uncomfortably pretty

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