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  1. My lame hometown was actually a tourist destination because it’s on the Florida coast so for me it’s more like:

    So much to do! You can be stuck in traffic from all the jerks who come here from Ohio for the winter! You can visit the retirement center with your grandma (it’s one of 5 in the area). Or go to the beach and step over garbage while middle schoolers play bad rap music from a speaker and small children throw sand at each other and somehow always hit you instead!

  2. My hometown doesn’t have a zoo but it sure has a lot of snakes

  3. Nobody here saw the Illuminati I see……

  4. What's with the sighn that pops up on screen at 1.55

  5. There’s too many funny moments for me to reference

  6. I live in the capital/biggest city so I can't really relate

  7. My home town is London and we have all that, plus tourist traps and a Namco arcade with bowling, bumper cars a all the tea you could want.

  8. Greensboro NC

  9. I feel like I've seen this before on SNL

  10. I know of one town that's just like this. Lubbock Texas. I now live in Oregon and understand that most towns the size of my hometown are very much considered good sized cities.

  11. Wow. This place is so much better than my home fucking village.

  12. Can't relate i've lived in big city all my life

  13. I like it here in Long Island though…

  14. Your crappy hometown sounds pretty cool. My crappy hometown doesn't have a hospital, doesn't have cinema or theater, doesn't have a mall or anything else. It has some cafeterias, two restaurants and three supermarkets, a bank, a vet, some coiffures and some other basic services. So yea…

  15. 1:55 illuminati symbol flashes up!!!

  16. 1:55 Illuminati confirmed

  17. This is definitely how im feeling right now

  18. How is my town crappier than the town in this video

  19. Well….my town literally only has the barber shop…..of all of that….

  20. the nice mall has a H&M now

  21. Lol spot on

  22. My hometown used to have a nice sand patch, a waterfall and a small path through the forest.

    They bulldozed the forest, built industrial plants over the sand patch and I recently visited the waterfall: it was actually industrial water overflow.
    But hey! there's job opportunities now!

    Thanks childhood!

  23. The Illuminati appears in every video

  24. This is why I live in a city (not at the age to move out)


  25. My hometown Zion where the streets are quiet and people where taught back then the earth was flat. Wow and your grandfather will still argue it still is.

  26. Dude if my hometown had anything of the shit in thenvideo i wouldve been thrilled… theres no mall no bar no nothing

  27. I'm sorry you're town had stores

  28. I didn't get the illuminati logo on the video :/

  29. That sushi was the scariest thing I've seen today. I can feel the food poisoning through the monitor.

  30. What home town did y’all crawl out of?

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