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  1. Probably just got sick of having to watch Sex and the city and other shitty women's programs , don't worry about it.

  2. You have such a big heart that deserves to be cherished and respected. There will be some people that act like they have a heart but instead they have alteriative motives. Please read about narcissistic personality disorder. It will help you make a better judgment of character. May you be blessed in abundance and more. You're a wonderful adventurous person.

  3. Susi whats your IG

  4. Wow, Such a gorgeous Heart !!!! Extremely Rare… Thank You for sharing your experience but more importantly just raw emotion. So few posses that level of Courage, Honesty, or Depth 🙂

  5. He sounds like an idiot who didn't recognize what was in front of him. You'll find a deeper love! <3

  6. I love Porto I'll b there in 2 weeks

  7. I'm a new subscriber so this is the first time I'm seeing this, but I must say I wanted to hug you so badly! I know from your recent videos that you have made a full recovery, thank God, and you've gone on to have more wonderful adventures. The way you described this, it makes me wonder if perhaps you just met each other at the wrong time. He sounds like someone who still had a lot of growing up to do, and perhaps in 5 years or so he would be ready for a full time commitment with someone. I'm glad you understood that even though your heart was broken, this relationship also brought you much joy and you appreciated it while you had it. As long as he didn't mistreat you, it was exactly as you said, "It wasn't meant to be" I pray you will find someone who appreciates the joy that you are and shares your love of travel!

  8. You are a beautiful story teller. ❤️

  9. I have spent a couple of hours today watching your videos and you know… you are a very bright person. So smart, kind, beautiful and positive! Good vibes & love Susi!

  10. I love Christmas. Wish it was every 4 months. Lol

  11. you should watch your dog more in strange places. there might be dangerous things around also like glass etc.

  12. I just found your channel and i cant describe how lovely you are. I got really emotional while listening to you because you're like the most warm person i've ever seen on Youtube. I want you to know that you are loved and you are a spectacular strong woman. ❤

  13. Maybe you love deeply and the experience was to cause you not to open your heart so soon with new people. Everything can be a learning experience for our benefit.

  14. Traveling letting you know more about life and people..things you never learn in school or college,all what I can tell you is keep moving and let everything behind.. Greetings from Algeria .

  15. Broken hearts. So painful. At the moment that it happens you are broken. But your heart will heal again. Be careful with your heart, protect yourself.

  16. <3 hugs my Friend

  17. I hope you get /got over him. He obviously did not deserve you. You are to kind and in this circumstance you should have evaluated his situation better before letting him get so close to your heArt. Safe Travels

  18. ur a wonderful, amazing, brave, sweet lady!

  19. You are really pretty

  20. First thing I said when I saw a couple videos of yours is when is that dog going to get lost could you let the dog do what he want

  21. ❤️⭐️

  22. Whats ur nationality?u look pretty susi and i think i fall inlove with you 😘😘

  23. Aww:(🧡

  24. Another Modern Hunter like the Stage comedian Fluffy's Dad on the road. He Aced it !!
    Well it's okay , I won't give false hope about him Returning but Remember , You're still in a journey , Keep travelling okay it's what matters in life 😉

  25. I'm sorry Pretty Girl I Hope You Are Feeling Alot Better

  26. D'ont be sad…heart hearts…

  27. Hello Susi 🙂 you where in Porto, Portugal? I hope you had a nice stay. Love your videos. I would love to travel in a van like you but i still don't have the courage to leave everything behind and go. Good luck for all your travels!

  28. I'm here after a heartbreak. Your videos always make me feel so much better. Thank you, Susi. I'm so glad that now you have a man who loves you so much.

  29. Be a little more wise next time. Ma”am I would advise you to seek Jesus. He’s coming soon and all who don’t have a relationship with him are gonna perish.
    God gave Jesus so that you could have a relationship with him.

  30. Feel's like breaking his leg and shove it up in his ass….he doesn't know what to eat or what to speak …you really think he can do that…LoL…..EVERYTHING WAS MADE UP…..!!!!Now i know ..human are so brutal ,they can go to any limit to have the pleasure for sure…..F**king liar he is…AND Susi go to his past ..he lied about everything….

  31. Hope your heart is feeling better dear

  32. I am so sorry. I too was head over heels, only for life to take a quick turn, and everything became completely different than what I hoped for, and it hurt sooo bad. I just tell myself that it isn't my story, he was only a chapter.

  33. I love how honest and simple you r tou remind me of my best friend💕

  34. Hey Susi!!! This is a touching story. You are a stronger person for having endured this episode in your life. I am proud of you. Be encouraged. Be Careful Out There and THANK YOU for sharing.

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