Watch the official music video for “Dubai Drip” by Tyga.

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  1. I live in Dubai but I didn't know he came there

  2. This song flows so guuuud bruh

  3. I love this niggah

  4. Ak7 Tyga full Girls

  5. Better than Hatatamatatabatat… .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Lit 🔥

  6. Nice & Cool!
    Here #NasaCongressman with the #MenSEKOU (7T)= Tyrese , Tyga , Thrones , Tupac…
    From the #RoyalGod of

  7. What8s he talking about?!

  8. I love this niggah 👌

  9. This was the start of the comeback

  10. 2:20 Try to let her go, but the hoe like a frisbee?

  11. Before all his stripclub music videos Tyga was dope.

  12. دُبَي دْرِيب

  13. In – ماشاء الله؟

  14. Base Dubai 💜

  15. 🇲🇽🐐 Nice tyga 🖤

  16. иєχт ℓєνєℓ яαρ вяσ

  17. Tyga legendary rapper ♥️

  18. Dis the start of the greatest comeback ever!!!

  19. This is straight ass

  20. "Ass and titties on my schejabule"

  21. boy 500 al mio tyga💪👈

  22. Rap star b like….hey T~raw Ur the man nigga 🏅🏅🏅

  23. He is cold as fuck in this song and on light skin lil Wayne….

  24. Something is in it?

  25. Let me borrow your cars for a seconds dear brother, cousin ?? I pay you 1 billion dollars.

  26. Anyone in 2019

  27. Tyga👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑😎😎😎😎

  28. It was this remix that kick started his career comeback

  29. Old tyga is back

  30. Lowkey singing bout my country🔥

  31. Watching this while in Dubai bruh🤫

  32. King Lil G

  33. This is tyga comeback bitches 👣

  34. Tyga i am mexican

  35. Tyga’s become the latest remix king

  36. The fact that tyga smashed Kylie then dropped her like a bad habit makes him a G alone!!!

  37. "Its stiil young money till the day im cremated "

  38. Why isnt this on spotify anymore

  39. Who his hair braider and what’s their insta ? Help me out ASAP

  40. Tyga left worldstarhiphop.

  41. Oh,,, what the…….., tyga hit son, Dubai trip,,,

  42. Eats a date from Dubai

  43. From Nitin Randhwa's remix ?

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