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  2. Who else is watching this video because they are going somewhere??

  3. How do you partition used and unused clothes — that will be the real problem, right?

  4. I m going 5 days in French and Germany I was so anxious thank u so much for this

  5. Please check Yassin Elhamim thank you

  6. My luggage is exactly like your so this was very helpful!

  7. Thank you thank you thank you!!! This video saved my life haha!

  8. Thank you so much
    Very essential information and experience (:

  9. Omg Amsterdam i am a dutch girl !!!!!!

  10. Kelan alis natin?

  11. Is it just me or do you like the ride or flight there? Like my favorite part of a trip is the ride or flight there.. 😂

  12. A tip for thin items- You can roll them to make it sturdier!

  13. Wait so if I bring a backpack to keep next to me will they charge me more ?

  14. Sorry if this is a random question, but what is your job? Because it seems interesting.

  15. Finally some REAL tips and not the same be over and over again. Didn’t think about the pick pockets for a carry on, thank you!

  16. Yes,I'm ready

  17. トトロのネームタグが可愛くて電車の中で笑ってしまったよ笑笑

  18. The face mask packet might explode when you rise up because of air pressure

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  20. thank you for your teaching. now i know how to pack you in my heart. so you'll always with me wherever i go…..

  21. I roll all my clothes so much space

  22. Are you allowed to pack shoes on a plane?

  23. منو عنوان الفيديو عنده مكتوب بالعربي ؟

  24. 5 years ago my dad started his bucket list item number 10 the last one and it was go to every baseball stadium in the us and he brought me along and I've been to new York once and going again in 1 day😆😆 and California 4 times and I forgot how I packed last time but I found the vide and remembered your voice and watched it thanks so much -Jeb from alt Georgia

  25. She looks like Wengie a little bit

  26. I love your hair, voice and attitude. You got a new sub

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