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  1. Jacksonville city is my city it doesn’t have that many skyscrapers… and it has a LOT of trees. There’s 2 airports 1 is RDU And 2 is OAJ it deserves to not be on this list.

  2. Paris is not that great its so dirty and not as fun as I thought it would be london is my number 1

  3. Berlin Berlin wir fahren nach Berlin.

  4. My personal Top 10…

    1) Rome
    2) Bangkok
    3) Paris
    4) NYC
    5) Tokyo
    6) Hong Kong
    7) London
    8) Venice
    9) Florence
    10) Dublin

    Honorable Mentions: Chiang Mai, Honolulu, Siem Reap, Phuket, Cancun, New Orleans

    Any opinions??

  5. Who are the cities most visited ? Are you ok with that ?

  6. Big Surprise …. No Orlando!

  7. Munich should be at least an Honourable Mention!

  8. Big tripping Vegas should be on there too

  9. why isn't makkah in the list
    more than 50 million people visit every year

  10. 1.New York. 2.London.3.Paris.4.Berrlin.4.Toranto.5.Los Angels. 6.Moscow.7.saint Peeters Burg. 8.Waashington.9.San Francisco.10.Sydny.

  11. where is dubai ??🙄
    lol !!🤣

  12. hello, my dream is visit tokio japan

  13. nice

  14. Granada, Venice, Florence

  15. Kathmandu

  16. Have you people ever heard of Toronto

  17. All beautiful sites to visit, but, how about Trentino? The beautiful city of Trento, the dolomites, the emerald crystal clear water of the lakes, etc…..

  18. 1. London
    2. New York
    3. Paris
    4. Tokyo
    5. Rome

  19. Good thing about the NYC is just the buildings thats it. Lol

  20. My favorite top 10 cities
    1. Turkey istanbul and antalia bodrum
    2. Brazila Rio de jenario
    3. Spain barcelona
    4. Turkey capodocia
    5. America newyork
    6. France paris
    7. Avustralia Sidney
    8. Netherlands amsterdam
    9. İtaly roma
    10.America los angeles.
    And indeed these cities are very beautiful🌍❤🌍⛰

  21. more like an EU tour with some stops in East Asia and New York

  22. Athens? Thessaloniki? Moscow? St Petersburg? Kiev? Venice? South Africa? Poland?

  23. Bangkok Thailand 😍🤩

  24. After being to London, Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo, New York City & Barcelona, I'm just fall in love with London, Barcelona and Tokyo. Paris is too many refugee, New City is dirty and Shanghai is overcrowded with those loud sound people.

  25. Français:
    Soyons clair , la france est le pays le plus visiter du monde , c'est uniquement pour cela que Paris figure première dans ce top (alors qu'il n'y a pas que paris qui est visiter en france mais beaucoup d'autre belle ville comme annecy , lyon , bordeaux , nice etc ..), mais si l'on parle de ville uniquement , je dirais Londre. Car il ne faut pas oublier que l'angleterre ne possede quasiment que londre comme attrape touriste , et que ce pays reste quand meme énormement visiter .

    Let's be clear, France is the most visited country in the world, that's why Paris is first in this top (while there is not only Paris that is visit in France but many other beautiful city ​​like annecy, lyon, bordeaux, nice etc ..), but if we speak of city only, I would say London. Because we must not forget that england has almost only londre as a tourist trap, and that country still remains hugely visit.

  26. Tokyo number 1

  27. I've traveled a lot, so I really like all the places, but my all time favorite has to be Tokyo.the Netherlands

  28. when you can tour cities around the world on YouTube why spend fortune travelling places? let those who really wish to travel, tour the world. A decade ago I wished to tour the world. a decade later I'm cured of my mental illness.

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