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  1. I need to see more of Benji vlogging

  2. I got so busy from school and the vlog before this was the last one I watched now it's Christmas break i am watching starting from this up to your recent vlog ❤️ I miss watching your vlogs and the kids as well much love from the Philippines 🇵🇭

  3. “I’m about to give PALOOO!!!” 😂😂😂

  4. Judy a little tip my mother shared with me when using a cutting board is to put a wet paper towel flat underneath to keep it from moving around. Love your family vlogs girl!! Keep'em coming.

  5. I soooo would've ate the chocolate!! I'm a greedy bear! LOL Plus, I only use the sell by date as a guide, if it looks good & smells good, it's good enough to eat to me!!! LOL


  7. there is actually a psychological test called House Tree Person and it determines your personality on how you draw your house tree and person 😉

  8. The house drawings were so cute! #Preshhhh! I love JB's voice! I could listen to her talk all day!
    P.S. I hope Benji enjoyed his Panda lovin' 😂😂😂😂😂

  9. I draw my suns exactly like Benji…on the corner or behind a cloud.

  10. The artwork on the frig is the best!!👍

  11. I can't stand Miya's face when she fell off the piano stool! haha So cute! I love how expressive she is.

  12. Another Seattle YT Kid-Star, Woo hoooo….

  13. Had to rewatch that intro twice! ❤️ I’m cracking up!!!

  14. “I’m about to give PALO!” Haha

  15. The girls are growing up too fast omg 💗

  16. Keira: Nobody Emow for you….haaay…ang cute mo talaga!

  17. Benji’s laugh hahah omg I alwayyys drew a corner sun too lol

  18. Aiiii nako. You better be careful Keira… but Miya ends up falling. LOL. Oh baby bears….

  19. "might get a little love tonight" 😂💜💜
    i loved it!!!

  20. Miyako with her face very close to iPad.

    Benji : "you are going to hurt your eyes."

    Me – moves head away from the iPad.


  21. I also drew the sun in the corner like Benji.

  22. you know its been a while when he says you can still have your face mask on!!!!

  23. Judy you can make a diy diffuser oil with those Pom poms! String them hang them out couple drops of oil on them and there ya go!

  24. Love seein Benji back in the kitchen!{

  25. Picknicking at home 😆

  26. Benji needs to upload an updated adobo recipe to his channel 😩🙌🏽

  27. I cannot believe how grown Juliana is I still remember when she use to do her shark face

  28. Thumbs up for watermelon cutting videos lol !!! 💪🏽🙌🏽💜💜

  29. Get well soon Benji

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