Money can get you a lot further in Bangkok than in the USA. Here in Bangkok this is what a $20 apartment gets me.
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Living Bobby

Traveling to Bangkok, Thailand and around Asia from NYC to film a video for Sony.

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  1. Where‘s the luxury part?!… poor people throwing „luxury“ word… gee.

  2. I don't know what is the fuss about living cheap in any Asian country, I would not be impressed by a privileged view of such a poor city! How can he compare apartments from New York and Bangkok, Like seriously, there is no point of comparison, socially or economically speaking? Besides that apartment is not luxurious at all1 Looks cheap! However, I guess for Thailand standards is above average!

  3. Your world is so small, it's not luxury, and don't glorify living in Thailand, it has a darker side no one wants to address. It's not a paradise. You're naive.

  4. music is the pits

  5. How is it luxurious when it is so basic? At the very most you can call it modern and complete but certainly not luxury. The word luxury is so abused these days!

  6. That apartment look sad, not luxurious at all.

  7. You can live like a hermit with no women for $20 USD day in Thailand!

  8. Just a Amaizing Valuri for your buck!!
    Thank's for shering..

  9. Its 20 dollar a night, compared to nyc yeah thats cheap but not that cheap per month. Compared to lower rent areas in the usa. That apartment to me very small maybe not for nyc standards

  10. Ada pesawat Lion ngomong² ada orang Indonesia

  11. poor americans that pretend being rich…ridiculous

  12. Airbnb is illegal now and I heard so many terrible stories about tourists being stopped

  13. I love Bkk!

  14. Your very easily impressed mate . . . If I was sold that toilet as a luxury apartment . . . I would sit on the bed and cry my eyes out

  15. Awesome share bro

  16. Thanks mate informative

  17. How about the name od the place ???

  18. The view is lovely, but it is ugly, not decorated and cols as hell.

  19. Yeah well King or not, if that was my bedroom furniture, I'd wring your neck. Bad boy.

  20. I want to go to Bangkok and get my bangcunt on! 😂

  21. are you gonna butt fuck each other in that one bed?

  22. I've seen the same level of luxury in other videos and the apartment is $250 a MONTH. $20 a night isn't bad for a shorter stay though

  23. coffee maker = kettle. aka hot water maker.

  24. Great video thanks.. Could you send me the name of that complex please?

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