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  1. Maaattee… that’s a steal tbh! From NEW ZEALAND to freakin Australia it costs 2k to bring my Border Collie 😭😭😭. I would pay 3K any day to have my best mate flown half way around the world to be with me!

  2. Occy is soo Handsome 💕💕💕Im in love 🥰

  3. Many years ago I traveled to Hawaii from US east coast. I needed to put him through quarantine in Hawaii. I would travel with a pet but I wouldn’t make a pet go through quarantine again. I just wouldn’t go where it was necessary.

  4. Max without the curls and beard!

  5. i want to travel from india to canada .. can i ?

  6. This was very helpful! I have a "big dog" that's actually an Australian shepherd also! We needed some tips on how to get him on a plane safe.

  7. Please Look good for this lovley dog Occy💗He is soooooooooo beautyfull, lovley, sweety… i love Occy💗 sooo mutch.. And I'm Not a Child I'm 47 and Sorry my englisch is Not so good. I'm German💗👌🙈😉💗😂

  8. Hi guys. Only discovered your site a few weeks ago and am now binge-watching all your videos. I thought Occy was cute before, but my God he was adorable as a puppy. And I love the way you can see the bond all 3 of you have. I'm jealous of your travels and can't wait for every new video. Stay safe and enjoy – life is so short xxx

  9. Awesome video!

  10. Im binge watching you guys right now…hence, the comments on videos you did some time ago😂…
    I expect in the next few years I will be doing the reverse and taking my two little dogs back to Adelaide….I have been in contact with Jetpets over the past year getting info and they will definitely be the company I use when the time comes. Unfortunately I will have to quarantine my girls on arrival in Melbourne, but at least its only a week…a lot better than years ago when it was 6 months😕….At least now it is feasible…I would never have even considered a 6 month quarantine duration…still is scary though.
    Air Canada flies nonstop from YVR to MEL…so that will make the journey easier on them!
    Thanks for all the info👍👍

  11. I think $3.3k to spend on sending Occy through 3 ports to get to you with the reassurance and ease of knowing Occy will be safe and actually arrive at his destination is a…DEAL! There is no price on family and what we're willing to do to be with them! 😁😁😁💞💞💞🐕🐶💞💞💞

  12. Occy is a gorgeous pet….always smiling !!

  13. Hello.. what is the name of the company that you used to ship internationally?❣️

  14. +1. .. The initial "pup" flight is the cruelest – not for the pup but for the family. .. Traveling to the EU twice to several times a year, our Portuguese Water Dog beast is happy to make the 8 to 9 -hour flight. .. Kennel up – Wheels up ATL, wheels down FRA – free at last. .. The good folks at both Lufthansa and United have provided a camera channel focused on the baggage hold area where the dog crates are secured. .. Ms. Lilly the Portuguese Wonder Dog says … "its a piece of cake". .. Our 42lbs PWD in the large-sized ATA crate books a fare at $400. (USD) for a round-trip flight; ATL-FRA-ATL. .. Our pup often to always travels with the family. .. Cheers, YouTube'rs

  15. This made me so happy I am crying! Thank you so much for sharing!

  16. This is literally the best video we've ever seen on YouTube… EVER….. so informative and you guys have such a great vibe!! You 3 are doing everything we are longing to do in the near future with our (super crazy) beagle Marley. We've been really intrigued about the process of taking a dog on the plane… just pray that Marley will be able to cope with it when the time comes… thank you so much for showing us that it is possible. Subscribed to follow your journey and will find you on Instagram right away..!!!! Thanks so much for sharing your story 🙂 . Hope you're all having the best day ever <3

  17. I watch your video about dog travel. It is a fantastic video. Here all kinds of information are existing about dog travel. I found a site where get more detail. Like: International rules of dog travel, international rules of crate, rabies in dog, preparation for travel with a dog, what items need during travel with a dog and family and many more. You will get total guideline here.

  18. Just planning to travel with my furry friend and family mate our cocker spaniel of 7 years. We plan to travel from India to the US in Oct this year. I am super excited but also super worried if she will be comfortable and safe during the journey. Setting your story is slightly putting me at ease. Thanks for this, how to meet you someday too

  19. Occy is awesome I would do the same!

  20. Max, Lee and Occy… I accidentally viewed you video and i instantly loved you guyz… I'm watchiing all your videos and honestly… i just love you guyz… you both are good souls…

  21. Hi Max & Lee + Occy, I discovered your channel two days ago and I already love you. You are so humble, authentic and give me such a positive vibe that now I’m obsessed with your life, your journey and your beautiful dog. I wish you the best and safe travels. Greetings from Puerto Rico, hope you can visit us one day.

  22. My friends and I have Bouviers des Flandres. One friend in New Zealand imported a pup to show from my friend in California and after a 6 mo quarantine he became a big winner. Another friend does Obedience with her Bouviers and the pup she imported began his education and training while in quarantine and when he was released he was already bonded to mum and ready to kick butt at trials.

  23. Thank you so much for this!This video gives me hope for travelling with a dog!Wishing you loads of fun on your journey 🤗

  24. Hi you sound like Grace from graces room but great video

  25. Love this! I've always wanted to travel to Australia, it seems complicated but this video helped! Thanks!

  26. How is it to travel between countries overland with a dog? I'm thinking of doing a similar trip from Canada to Argentina. Thanks for the inspiration! 😀

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