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  1. People need to use underarm deodorant before they fly. Some people smell like 🤮

  2. If you want to survive a 13-hour plane ride you just need to book suites or first class preferably on Singapore airlines new A380 suites.

  3. Don't bring your friend if he,s a Muslim he will go 🥜s with the menu ☝️

  4. Do also pack in your easy to reach – a 2nd, generic cheap phone with pre-loaded stuff, baby wipes, hand senitizer (a tiny bottle, not full so you can board with it).

  5. "Those long haul 7 or 15 hour flights" lives in a country where anything good is 28 hours ooft.

  6. Fasting. Good excuse to not eat for a long time; you're not physically active anyways.

  7. My flight is in twos days and I completely forgot about snacks… in my defence it's my first time flying for so long. Going to Italy and I've been obsessively watching all your videos about Italy and traveling in general. So grateful for this channel!!!

  8. A tip about keeping a good attitude with long flights, is just to keep in mind how fast it actually is compared to any other commercial travel

  9. Sir, great tips! thanks. u got gorgeous kids.

  10. What compression socks did you use? I bought some before and they were way too tight even though they were supposedly bigger than I needed.

  11. Wearing loose clothes is a definite must. I also bring a Clorox wet ones to clean all areas around me, including the video keyboards. We also use it to clean the toilet seat.
    I do not recommend alcohol.

  12. douche bags on a plane are the worst

  13. i like to watch movies and avoid looking at the map

  14. GREAT ☆☆☆☆☆

  15. xanax, folks. It's all you need.

  16. God bless this channel

  17. Don’t be rude to the airline staff! I’m sorry if anybody had a hard time with the staff on an airline they probably are just tired of nasty customers and rude employers

  18. Tomorrow I’m flying back to Canada with my sister and my dad on an 8h flight…. And I’m a nervous wreck. It’s not my first time flying, it’s just that every time I go on an airplane I usually vomit or feel nauseous. I have no idea how to make it stop. It’s horrible! 😣 anyone have advice?

  19. I am a hon circle member for star alliance and I'm watching this thinking why would you wear comfortable cloths when they give you pijamas and he says business isn't worth it but i disagree

  20. Please go easy with perfumes or colognes when traveling.

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