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  1. As an American it's pretty easy to spot an American abroad. It doesn't matter if an American is of European, African, or East Asian descent.

    -Accent and tone of voice
    -Habit of smiling often
    -Having a glance at their passport while waiting in customs
    -Baseball caps and sporty clothes

  2. that is nice of alyssa that she made a video with her gay friend.

  3. Shorts. Shorts. Shorts. NFL football jerseys.

  4. I was in Germany and every German man was wearing a North Face jacket. This obsession Euros have with Americans is tiresome & unattractive. Americans don’t give a sh!t about Europeans. Take care of your own sh!t & stop involving Americans in your failures.

  5. Fxxxxxg Loud. Hate it.

  6. I’m european and just wear north face jackets and shirts

  7. American USA tourists in Italy ? Slovenly and bad dressed , disgusting flip flops on the feet, don't speak any Italian words , no culture no elegance no knowledge about art and food , easy prey for tourist traps. : ugly and weird people , totally strange in my country

  8. And do fck off to your nauseating trumoland and stay there!!! Idiots

  9. Really?? Do you think it is that dificult mega annoying loud morons

  10. Rude at restaurants? Annoying sometimes? Proud of FREEDOM? Just making generalisations here, I'm not bitter that you guys won the war of independence DEFINITELY NOT!

  11. The true crime against fashion is how German men wear capris. Truly devastating.

  12. I like abercrombie and fitch

  13. 1) Too loud. 2) Visits downtown Florence wearing outdoor gear as if he's about to hike a fucking glacier. 3) Affectation, as if everything she says was the most important thing in the world. 4) Turns up at Buddhist temple wearing a tank top. But don't worry too much, I could go on about French pensioners or Finnish drinking habits 🙂

  14. A good heart person is being humble, be kind to unkind people and open arms to others !

  15. its a freedom of choice …There are good and bad people in every part of the world…Dont judge the book by it s cover !

  16. I heard a couple of American tourists in a Coles supermarket(Australia)yesterday,and the first thing I heard was in America such-and-such. Why do they always have to say in America it's this way,in America it's that way? Who gives a shit,your in another country,and all you can do is compare us to America!

  17. I'm from Netherlands and this is so true. To all American, please leave your baseball cap and university sweatshirt at home. lol

  18. Backpack with Nalgene water bottle – always a dead ringer.

  19. 1: 16 that's the flag of Belgium (black, yellow and red) :')

  20. The reason that building was black on the left side, yellow in the middle and red on the right side was because that's the Belgian flag 🇧🇪 because there had been a double bombing in Belgium three days before you uploaded this video @Alex Webb, that's another way to spot Americans, by there ignorance …

  21. Adidas is european as well.

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