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  1. The time I slept at a private room I ended up feeling bored. It might be a good idea if you're used to hostels but you are just staying for one night and need to rest (so socializing is not too important)

  2. Good tips! You seem to be pretty cools…

  3. What if it's your first time traveling (and you're doing it solo) and you went specifically to be more social after a prolonged rough patch in life and then you realize you're dead inside and a horrible conversationalist who puts people off? This is what just happened to me…..and I'm on day three of a 76 day trip….dono what I'm even doing now…kind of disappointing.

    Side note, I also have a resting bitch face and can't help it lol.

  4. I’m the Lost

  5. thank you for your advices Im going to stay in Dublin for about a week to explore the country. Im a little bit scared because its my first time travelling alone.

  6. All your videos are so informative. Cool stuff!

    I m a hostel newbie. I'll be travelling to Miami, US. Can u suggest couple of good options? I have searched it on internet but all look same so hard to figure out.


  7. Loved the video! I'm staying in a hostel for a couple weeks when I look for a place to live in Australia while on exchange- traveling alone can be so fun, amazing way to get to know a city. Subbed, I hope to see more videos!!! Xx

  8. i never stayed in a hostel, but I went to some events in hostels at Rio de Janeiro and it were awesome

  9. Really you inspire me I was thinking about this

  10. I enjoyed your video 🙂

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