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I have lived in London for 18 years so have never really seen London through the eyes of a tour ist. That’s about to change! In this vlog, we show you how we would spend 5 days in London as a tour ist to get the most out of this amazing city.


All shot on iPhone. Mostly iPhone X.

City of London 2:03
6:39 Walk along Thames – Jubilee Walkway
9:17 Westminster
11:10 West End/Soho
12:31 Greenwich
15:00 West End
18:19 Day trip s from London
21:55 Natural History Museum
22:42 Camden
24:05 Covent Garden/Soho

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Links for the some of the places referenced in this video:

* Tower of London:
* Katharine Docks time table for mini festivals:
* London Wall Map:
* One New Change:
* Sky Garden:
* Jubilee Walkway Map:
* Barrafina:
* Gordon’s Wine Bar:
* Fake 10 Downing Street:
* Afternoon Tea:
* Marriott Grosvenor Afternoon Tea:
* Tips for booking theatre tickets:
* Theatre:

Photograph of 10 Downing St from



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  2. Fabulous! Thank-you!!! Great help and amazing footage on just your iphone!!! I need to practice more with mine! Heading to London on Monday!

  3. Came to London full of expectations, cause everybody was calling it “best city in Europe or even the world”. It is so busy and I personally don’t know what makes it so special. It is definitely a melting pot, pretty in some of its architecture and there might be loads of things to do, but only if you have the money for it. If I go to a street food market and grab a sandwich or a mealbox, I’m gonna loose at least 7 pounds. Not even talking about the real living costs, like rent car transportation .. what makes this overcrowded overpriced tourist hotspot attractive in terms of living here.

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  10. Hi. My name is Vikas. I am a citizen of India who is currently living in India. I liked this video of yours very much. I don't know who you are and what you do, but, I request you to keep posting as many videos as you can about life in London bcoz I am planning to apply to the citizenship of UK by taking up the Life in the UK test in some time. Thanks

  11. The best basic to the point video.

  12. Perfect video. I have been to London many many times but missed places of interest you covered in your video. Probably best to include places to stay outskirts of London or home stay or farm stay for tourists to experience

  13. Paris and London are my best cities in Europe, after being in Italy

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  22. Thanks for Sharing

  23. nobodys really knows the city where he lives in! I lived in Rome for 10 years and because I was there for studyng I didn't really see very mutch around. But when time to leave comed, I start exploring like there where no other chance to come back!

  24. It's a shame London is no longer a European city.

  25. We are travelling in December/January and would love to see a video on what to do and see during the colder months.

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  27. Great Video, love the editing and camera work. As a Londoner myself I think you have nailed it and given a more thorough insight into the city than so many tourist videos do on YT. Thanks, Subscribed.

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  29. Wow this is exactly what I was looking for, visiting London by zones. It’d be crazy to go back and forth to places.
    Thanks so much for your great videos.

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  31. Just wonderful. A great tour! I liked the shots of people milling around… gives me an idea of what to wear! Subscribed!

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  35. This is by far the best London tour video I’ve seen on YouTube. I recently moved to the outskirts of London with my wife and this will come in very handy.

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  38. 89 haters without a life voted down.

  39. We had an amazing time visiting London, England. With so much history and so many places to see, we will certainly return to this fascinating city.

  40. Excellent guide. Brought back many happy memories. Difficult to cover every aspect of London but you did a terrific job. If you have children or are elderly or have limited mobility worth mentioning that there are many quiet havens all over London – Postman's Park, Battersea Park, Hampstead Heath. Chelsea, Notting Hill, Kew, Regent's Park are also pleasant places. While shopping and eating are great activities it's worth remembering that London is a huge collection of villages and open spaces. Something for everyone. (Born in London and lived here most of my seventy odd years)

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  45. In South Africa our English heritage has only extended to the Cornish cream on top. At least, unlike Americans, we actually know what a scone is. 😉

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  47. I’ve visited London many times and am always discovering new cool things with each visit. Video is very well done!

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