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  1. I get a little homesick some times, but no that bad. I don't cry myself to sleep. I just isolate myself, get nearly addicted to my phone and get super cranky.

    Homesickness can come in many forms.

  2. I’m wondering how you get rid of that homesickness stomachache :[

  3. I've only recently gone to a boarding school, and I am still constantly crying every evening, missing my friends, family and just generally the old times.
    I don't really cope with homesickness, I just cry and want to go home.

  4. Just forget everything else and think about the next day kinda helps 😃

  5. I get homesick when I think about my next day at school.

  6. who gets homesick on holiday/vacation?

  7. Ah man I remember when I used to be in high school saying I can’t wait to move out but once the day came I was sad as shit man. It really hits you when it’s happening. I remember my mom leaving to visit family and I was so upset and felt sad lol.

  8. I am 15 and just mowed to a new school in a diffrent country alone and i fell terible

  9. I know we have to find new replacements for friends and clubs but I don't wanna get new parents

  10. I'm going to an overnight camp with my school and done this for years but this time I feel very nervous

  11. Im im…homesick alot i miss my mom And dad And im ONLY 8

  12. I'm going to Toronto Canada in a few days for a week, and I am nervous already even tho I will be with my dad, I will miss my mother and my house and I cut my foot open a month ago and I really and scared that something will happen to my foot while I'm there (pls don't hate me for my anxiety) I'm going to be really homesick then

  13. My mom and dad live in different countries and I live with my mom and I’m in England for a few weeks to visit my dad but I really miss my mom.. I cry every night 😭

  14. I lived in santo domingo Dominican republic then I moved to New Jersey on vacation I go to santo domingo i got back from my vacation yesterday and I'm really homesick now because now i want to live there again but my next vacation is in a couple years

  15. I have moved from new Zealand to England 👍

  16. I get really bad homesick and i was at my freinds that stays 5 minets away

  17. I just moved to Texas from California on June 11th to be with my boyfriend after over a year of long distance relationship. My family lives in California. And I've been home sick. Trying to establish a life out here. It's kind of hard when you're not very good at making friends. But one can never lose hope… it's like you have a whole life for yourself for the first 30 years of your life. Finally figuring out what exit you're supposed to take off the freeway to get home. Knowing City like the back of your hand … And now I have to figure that out all over again. Lol it'll be fine

  18. Ok so I need help haha, my friend asked me to go on a trip with her and her family for a week (it’s free and I’ve never been to the place before) however I get very homesick and don’t know if I really want to go but I know it’s a good opportunity. What should I dooo?

  19. I pleasured myself to this video

  20. I’m on a trip rn in Ireland and it’s amazing I get to go! But I miss home sooo much 😣

  21. Yaah I'm a very hard homesick… I want to get rid of this..cause it will hamper my career I want to be a outsider kind of person

  22. Sometimes what i do is i pretend im my cousins twin, since we look A LOT alike and we are only 6 weeks apart but he is WAAYYYY taller than me, thats the only problem

  23. In 3 days im going on a trip to michagan for a week and a half with my cousins and aunt and stricked grandma and i am terrified, i will come back to this video once i come back from my trip and i will tell you if this video works

  24. Currently on ‘holiday’ and it seems like the opposite. Really don’t like it here and I just want to go home. I don’t have good relationships with my family and they’re here too and it’s so incredibly draining.

  25. Wen i get homesick i feel like i am gonna vomit

  26. I got homesick last night and was so embarrassed BC my eye were red I told everyone a bug got in my eye

  27. I’ve been on vacation for about a week now and I’m currently homesick :((

  28. Im watching this because im moving to a friend from abusive parents

  29. I'm watching this video at 2am at a camp withmy froends and i feel soo home sick

  30. I’m at a hotel rn and I feel pretty homesick and my stomach hurts

  31. Im really homesick i have been homesick since i was seven bc my class and i were always going on schooltrips

  32. I’m going on vaca with my family on Monday and I hate leaving my home. It’s weird I’m fine and happy during the day but at night when we get to the hotel I get anxiety and homesickness. It’s awful

  33. This actually worked because just talking about others going through the same as me makes me feel so much better! I really miss my mom if she isn’t next to me… but then I realized that’s she just across the street! Thank you for curing my homesickness!

  34. Im at home but my dad is working late. it is 12 in the morining and he is still not home i miss him and feel like something bad happened. hes not returning text

  35. I'm moving out to uni tmrw. It's late night and I can't sleep. I will miss home😭

  36. I’m from Slovakia (central Europe). Been living in United States for 4 years unable to ever come visit home this whole time. It feels like a form of grief, I’ve never been such a patriot as I am now, after being homesick for all these years. It’s so mentally exhausting gosh!

  37. when i’m homesick my mind takes control i panic and then the next thing you see is waterfalls down my eyes

  38. I had to go India from London and knowing I can’t go back until over 6 weeks makes me cry

  39. Im at a christian camp with my bestfriend and some other friends too but I just wanna go home to my family I keep breaking down in tears.

  40. I’m homesick because my mom and dad is in West Virginia and I speed a week in kentukey with my nana and my mom and dad is 4 hour away and I want to go home from summer😭😭😭

  41. Im 30 and im home sick…but im chasing tha paper….😩

  42. I’m homesick right now 🙁

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