In this video I explore Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and show how much things cost.
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Thanks a lot for watching and safe journeys!

How Expensive is DUBAI? High Tech City in the Middle East



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  1. The hotel I showed in the video is the Gateway Hotel. I recommend reserving it online using this website: Or you can use that site to search for other hotels, apartments, hostels, etc.

  2. You look like Gregory House from House M.D.

  3. American woman were jailed because she delivered baby not married day after the delivery in hospital. Heard it from one midwife

  4. OMG so veaitiful video thank you for sharing I can't wait to see the malls love the noise! I love it !

  5. Am I the only one that didnt think the prices were that bad..

  6. Why u don't go to Qatar ??

  7. You are always welcome to Dubai

  8. Dubai is much cheaper than it used to be

  9. Y nobody talks about the capital ABU DHABI

  10. Have you tried the camel ride?🙂

  11. u have got lots of money now thats why u stay in hotels now !! come down to earth man once agian

    it's the greatest money Laundering hub in the world.

  13. Where are all the people?
    Looks BORING 😑😑😑😑
    Your swetting like a gador in a trap.

  14. I was there a short time ago and i staied ar hotel for 839 Derhems for 5 nights in 4 star hotel with breakfast the price is reasonable and not too hight for almost everything except taxi's

  15. Dubai glorious City. Interesting journey around Middle East.👍

  16. Am i the only one who think that Dubai is cheaper than the u.s. and Europe.

  17. Great video bro ! 👍👍👍 i miss dubai 😢

  18. Oh, and the pool we see at the very end of this video, as you were showing us the Burj? Do people get to swim in it, at all?

  19. That short-sleeved shirt you are wearing with the gorgeous Indian Print is lovely! Honestly, where DO you find your Tee shirts, and other ones? The prints are fab-u-lo-so!

  20. What hotel is that?

  21. I’m in NZ, I lived in Dubai for 13 years and I’m going back to live and work again very soon. Yes it’s expensive but so is NZ even more so and it’s taxed! Can’t wait to leave..

  22. Useless place to visit , I couldn’t careless they tall buildings and their Indian food , thank you for the info but I don’t think I want to bake under their scorching sun actually looks a boring place to go remember Dubai was build in the desert ,and with my western culture I don’t give a shit about their if I can’t drink wherever I want , I seen enough about they culture that give me the creeps

  23. Who bent their heads at 13:16?

  24. Dude…….I live in Dubai😂😂😂

  25. I'm pleasantly surprised that there are so many affordable eateries there. That room, too, was within my price range. The elevator ride less so 😉

  26. Hey guys I was just wondering , Im 19 and plan to travel to Abu Dhabi alone , i heard that there are problems people run into when entering UAE when it comes to questioning , etc , immigration . I heard they may search you , interrogate you , and may put you in a prison , etc. Basically heard it is close to life threatening if anything happens. Is this true ? 2 people have told me this , and they also mentioned 3 other ppl have stated the same thing would happen , yet all i read online are positive things and that there are no mishaps. I just need to know if these people , who happen to be close to me are just trying to make up these things or exxagerate in order for me to be safe and not go at all , as they do not agree with me going alone.

  27. Nobody cares if your bed was supposed to be a double bed! 17 minute video you talking shit. Just go into a grocery store and show prices you dummy.

  28. 137 dollars for an elevator ride!? Are you serious? I don’t even think the elevator consumes even half as much electricity/oil/fuel as it costs to go up it. I’d rather take a trip to disney land or get 1 – 3 nights at a nice hotel.

  29. 4:56 not fully prohibited though because obviously most medicines contain alcohol, but casual drinking is infact frowned upon and haram. But drinking on occasion is okay for the most part, i’m muslim in a muslim family and my family does drink every now and them(maybe 1 – 3 times a month) on big dinners, big feasts and when we’re eating at an authentic eastern restaurant(usually middle eastern restaurants) and also when we eat at restaurants outside of my country/city(damascus – syria)

  30. burger is cheap because no one ever orders it … which means don't order it 😂

  31. OMG!!😮 I have slept in the exact same hotel for free. I was on transit from Dubai to USA and I was in the same hotel but I stayed there for free.

  32. Thanks Gabriel

  33. Be sure to do thorough bed bug checks no matter where you stay. One can find them, their skins, their eggs (and such, ugh) in everything from hostels to the best of the BEST-est 5-STAR hotels, no lie!

  34. How much money do you have

  35. who lives in dubai?

  36. The Quality of this video is amazing! What video camera are you using?

  37. What's the hotel name?

  38. So is dubai an indian city?

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