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  1. Sorry that I'm late to the party but, why do all of these giggly, immature (mainly) people without fail, say that "Big Ben" is under construction"?

    "Big Ben" is not under construction, and you never see it, as it's a bell!

    The name of the tower was originally "The Clock Tower" but was renamed as "The Elizabeth Tower" in 2012 and was constructed in 1850-59.

    It is being renovated aka restored….not under construction!

    Another highly annoying trait of these giggly airheads, is to describe anything that they like as "cute"!

    The English language is the most descriptive, and comprehensive, in the entire world, but to say that buildings, and parkland, and interiors, and everything else as cute is a travesty!

    Fluffy kittens are cute, as are young children!

    Also "Awesome" and "Amazing" are seriously over worked, and there are very many other

    descriptive words that may well be more appropriate.

    A few years back I went to Barcelona, and some things I wanted to see were "La Sagrada Familia"…

    "Parc Guell " …."The Gaudi Museum" and several other incredible buildings, all by the astonishingly

    accomplished, and prolific Antonio Gaudi!

    What did I do? Just wait till I got there and hope for the best?

    No, I put in the time to research what to see, in advance!

    Now his work could well be described as "Awesome" and "Amazing" but it's worth a hell of a lot more than that!

    All of the above is not applicable to all visitors, of course but, as they say, "if the cap fits, wear it"!

  2. Squash is not juice lol

  3. Just after 13mins Monica is talking about a couple of dogs, but fails to mention that she is passing the Royal Albert Hall which has to be the most iconic concert hall in the world. Everybody from Rachmaninov to Adele has appeared there.

  4. Juice is natural fruit juice squeezed out of real fruit. So we call juice from oranges, orange juice, from pineapples, pineapple juice and so on. Squash, is something else altogether. It’s a syrup based, artificially flavoured extract which cannot be drank with diluting it with water.

    Where you saw the milk, it WAS refrigerated, just not inside a closed refrigeration unit, but an open one which still keeps it cool (otherwise it’ll go off!) but easily accessible.

    Eggs in the US are chemically washed to remove dirt, but that also removes the shells natural protective layer, so they then have to be refrigerated to stop them from contamination. In Europe, they prefer to let the egg’s own natural defences, which has worked for millions of years do the job better than a stripped out egg which relies on being refrigerated.

    There is no “right” side if the sidewalk. What’s happening is that you’re walking at “tourist pace”, taking everything in, while people are trying to go about their business at a purposeful pace. If you walk at a slow pace in any big city, like London, Paris, NYC, people will manoeuvre past you.

  5. Why don’t you flick your hair once in a while ?

  6. 86 subs after 3 years wow ur doing soo sooo well this time next year you might have 90! such a shame coss the music soundtrack is brilliant!

  7. you can talk on the train just that people dont

  8. Anymore silly American girls abroad videos should be banned from YouTube. Kindest I can say about this.

  9. First thing to know about London. Most rapes and sexual assaults take place in private hire vehicles, AKA mini-cabs .Uber is private hire. 36 Uber passengers were raped by their driver last year and many more in other mini-cabs .Private hire vehicles are not safe. Don’t take my word for it ask any police officer, they will recommend a safe alternative.

  10. Why would anyone Uber from Heathrow to central London?

  11. This is embarrassing! Why are Americans so stupid?

  12. Why is it when Americans come to England they act like they have arrived on another planet, so stupid.

  13. Lol, London grocery stores are way better than American stores and even ranked in global survey, the food is of lower quality in America, secondly, I don’t know where u get this London is rainy, when I was in nyc it rained and even snowed like hell, not saying London is jolly, but London rains way less than most cities in North America, your airports and infrastructure is not up to standard, even the banking service one tap on tube and purchasing stuff with bank cards isnot even in America, the self service check outs also haven’t been embraced in america, your just being critical trying to say your America’s better, Londoners drive better cars too

  14. the brands are different and so is the weather fuck me are you a rocket scientest

  15. Hello. If you think that the UK is culturally completly different from the US, I do not know what you are going to think about the rest of Europe. The UK is very similar to US compared to the rest of Europe.

  16. Did you study abroad through your school, AIFS, IES

  17. Americans are very stupid..Having lived there this is one of the strangest things..So eggs are not refrigerated over here..Why do you think that is..In fact in all of Europe and around the world..America is only the country that refrigerates it's eggs..Well I'm going to tell you why your country sucks and if you eat an egg in the states again well done you..Your eggs are BLEACHED yes something you use to clean and whiten America uses on eggs..Ohhh it doesn't stop there..Your chickens also go through the same process..This is why Americans are stupid..Bleach/Food Food/Bleach neither of these words should ever appear together..The rest of the food is rubbish as well..But this is enough for starters..Enjoy your eggs 🙂

  18. You seem like you are, or was, enjoying your studies in the smoke 🙂

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