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I spent 5 days exploring East Java and seeing everything that Banyuwangi has to offer. East Java is one of the most beautiful parts of Indonesia and I want to show you why it might be the next top travel destination.

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  1. Thanks for watching everyone! Some of you might've noticed that I'm wearing my new merch throughout this video.
    Check it out here –

  2. Someone in West Java Government please endorse Jord to explore West Java…

  3. really liked your video! We're planning our trip to Indonesia next year. Thanks for making this, really enjoyed watching.

  4. U need to visit Batu City in Malang, East Java

  5. Dude this video was SO next level! Great job man!

  6. East Java is not only Banyuwangi.
    Don't forget Bromo mountain, Tumpaksewu waterfall and many more.
    Check my instagram @bondtraveller 😃

  7. Jord, I just want to thank you for sharing our journey with us. Your videos have inspired me to quit my job and travel long term. And because of you, I want to document my experiences on my YouTube channel and share my story. Thanks for your work! It’s changing lives. 🙂

  8. Amazing!!!

  9. Ma home 😍😍😲😲

  10. come visit ciletuh sukabumi west java , there was cheap and beautiful, you can even see the waterfall from the beach, and there a lot of waterfall

  11. east timor? png?

  12. Nice place! Where is Olivia?

  13. Do you you have track id from the track that play while you on ijien? Thx!

  14. Some great shots in this video. Great pace and music too!

  15. As always, awesome video!

  16. So inspiring mate. Please also check to

  17. East Java, a silent majesty.

  18. East java one of my favorite place 😍

  19. Hi Jord, what a great video! I live in East Java myself but never been to these places in Banyuwangi before! definitely putting this trip on my bucket list now. You should explore Probolinggo and Madura one day.. Places you must visit : Bromo Mountain,Madakaripura Waterfall and also Bukit Arosbaya Madura

  20. 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  21. I miss Banyuwangi, hopefully I have opportunity to go there this summer 🙁

  22. really love this video! looking fresh, keep up the good work Jord!

  23. The lost samudra Atlantic

  24. I think this is your very best video that I've seen. Great nature from east java


  26. Nice edit bro

    Salam dari indonesia

  27. Such a great edit 🎥🙌 Loved the vid and the vibes!!! 😁

  28. The best indonesia

  29. It's amazing … your vlog has really unmasked the secrets of the beauty of East Java which even for most Indonesians like me don't know before this … the extraordinary results of your work …
    Thank you for revealing all these secrets through your channel … keep working Jord!
    Greetings from Jakarta 👆😎✌

  30. so sad, I never go there:(

  31. Indonesia Atlantis

  32. Awesome, Jord

  33. Your cover photo uses a mask when the mountain crater is very cool

  34. I came here again after 2 years

  35. Haven't watched in a while and the editing has just got so much better

  36. Your video just WOW , 👍shooting and editing skill

  37. Epic as always, great cinematograph & editing.. thumbs up!

  38. Damn BEAUTIFUL…!! Thanks for sharing mate 🙂

  39. 😍😍😍😍😍

  40. jord i recommend u to visit kei island in maluku, check it out 🙂

  41. WOW! Now THAT’S a video! Absolutely stunning. What a fantastic place.

  42. Wow your adventure lovely,,,such joys of paradise

  43. Indonesia so many nice hotel ,beter themn in singapore,

  44. Baluran National Park is The Little Africa of Indonesia

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