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  1. ATTN Homies if enjoyed this video, please please share it!! I'm participating in a contest and it would mean the whole if you could share this video to help me out- thank you so much!

  2. Can you tell me where you got your tops from? theyre both soo pretty!!!

  3. But ur tourist

  4. more thrifting videos pleaseeee

  5. 난 정말 당신의 비디오픈에 가입하지 않았기 때문에 나는 공인의 모든 채널을 희망이 당신 마음이 내게 말하는 한국문 한국기 돈을 많이 im 아홉 살야에서 일 세 열아홉 스물 때문과 같은 이 비디오!

  6. Does gmarket ship to germany

  7. Hi! I have a question. I'm a small in the USA and internationally although I don't know what size I am in korea… What is the average size? Like.. I'm sometimes an XS in the USA but not always. So, would free size fit me or am I too fat? Also, there are BEAUTIFUL clothes I want to buy but I don't know which size to click and I don't know if they'll fit. So you know I'm 17, Female, 145lbs, 25% body fat, I know, I'm trying to lose weight. Also, I'm white [medium frame?]

  8. Pretty sure she’s my soul mate.

  9. Yo girl nice videos!! +1 subscriber

  10. Thank you so much for this video! I've been living in Korea for 2 years and haven't heard of some of these places! Just subscribed, can't wait to see more of your videos. 🙂

  11. 3:50 that coat beside you is reallly pretty ( someone in 2k19?)

  12. Not to sound ignorant seriously . U speak ridiculous good English . I know most the Newer generations. Speak it well just wasn’t expecting it clicking on the video 👌

  13. I've always heard of that first market but never seen what was actually inside so I never wanted to take the trek to it since I don't live in seoul. Thank you for this video!!

  14. Omg imagine being out in the cold and then going home to like a nice little cup of tea! Cant wait for the winter season

  15. Im really interested in korean fashion and i was wondering if people who dont live in korea can order from gmarket (i live in europe) if yes, will the shipping be very expensive?

  16. how is the drinking water in seoul in korea salty or like not salty,????

  17. You look like my teacher

  18. Weird story but I was shopping is Seoul with my friends with school and I am fluent in English and I was talking to my friends in English and they did not understand me 😂 but then I just spoke to them in normal korean so they didn’t kill me :/

  19. im young but whats bargaining????

  20. Very helpful vlog. Can't wait to go to Korea. The 7-day itinerary I'm making went from 2 days of shopping to 3 days lol so many places to explore! Wonder where to buy nice and cheap clothing for men 😁

  21. What a lifesaver! thank you girl 🙂

  22. Found this video and was amazed tbh.
    Very nice quality,funny personality and helpful vlog.
    Deserves a sub!
    Keep going.👍

  23. I'm going to check out Vintori and Vinprime!

  24. honestly i don’t think i can live without changing rooms my legs are like 60 percent of my body so i never exactly know what size will fit me

  25. but I want to know: in which zone are you?

  26. Im going to seoul next week by my own and I just discovered your channel, i love it 💗

  27. Discovering this gem one day after arriving home from Korea. So saaddd

  28. more videos like this pleaaaase, u're such a cool girl

  29. Thanks for this!! BTW you girls are super gorgeous!! And you are enjoyable to watch! Subbed <3

  30. that zoro picture on ur wall is so cute

  31. I finally booked my flighg to S-Korea and I cant wait to get lost in these korean streets looking for these shops 😍😍😍!

  32. Thank you for this! Glad I found your video in my recommendations. ❤

  33. Who's watching these even though they know they will never go to Korea 🙁

  34. me and my friend walked around in like february last year from dongmyo to dongdaemun (so like the reverse of you!) and it was SO cold ladkfjsk

  35. How do you convert Korean bra sizes to American?

  36. Apparently, I was shopping like a tourist, not a local. I, a Korean.

  37. Nice vidio…❤❤❤❤❤❤

  38. Pode verlo con los subtitulos en Español tanks you i love u

  39. Great Video!! It´s funny because here in Argentina we have a " talle unico" which means "only size" something like one size fits all and we always make the joke that actually it does not fit anyone because it´s like a minus ten size ! lol!

  40. I want to don’t be a tourist in Seoul but I have red hair and blue eyes … please respect me I live in Seoul for 4 years

  41. Basically, it’s just exactly like Baclaran and Divisoria here in Philippines.

  42. What about yesstyle? How does it compare to gmarket

  43. i always get nervous about shopping online even though its the most convenient for me. i am between a large and an extra large and sometimes the measurements get mixed up. i should just fly to seoul and we could go shopping together. you could advise me on whats good and whats not bc honey i need help 😂

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