Bali is ranked as world ‘s best destination to visit .This video is all about Bali Holidays, top 15 attractions in bali, things to do in bali , travel Indonesia by smart travel ler.

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  1. Yes please share complete video of this island

  2. Yes I need complete brochure n detail about bali visit kindly provide me

  3. Ayy i live in bali

  4. Yes I need quote for these places

  5. Enjoy your trip in Bali with Us
    Driver Bali Tour driver service
    Line/Whatsapp/phone number : +6287860585990
    ayoo datang ke Bali ! Friendly driver !

  6. Hi i need full video and want to know must visiting places

  7. Yes i will be in Bali in October 2019. Yes and i do know that Goddess Saraswati as been into my life as a sculpture the same as the one the people have given this wonderful sculpture to the Bali show they showed in 2019……………………………Namaste

  8. Nice compact guide of Bali, please forwarddetail guide of Balion Fcse book

  9. Hi everyone. If one of you would visit Bali and need guide, just contact me. Thanks

  10. I want a guide

  11. Please send me Guide itinerary

  12. i love being in Bali Tample i feel so peaceful there

  13. About gili island

  14. Subscribed straight away! We are in Bali now and this video was great!

  15. Prambanan temple located not in bali but in java yogyakarta province

  16. prambanan is at yogyakarta…

  17. What other Indonesians destination we can cover other than Bali
    And can you plz help with the best beaches in or near Bali😊

  18. would love to get the full guide. please confirm !

  19. Safari Park nooo pleasee!! Better a sanctuary 😊

  20. very informative..

  21. Loved the destination…. wish to go on a budget friendly package. Plz update a full guide video for budget friendly Indians. Superb video…… Loved it…..

  22. plz make a full guide vedio at a budget

  23. bnyak tmpat menarik negara indon ni ..

  24. I would love a full guide please!

  25. gr8 video ! gud info !

  26. Oh wow! I was recently in a few of the places that you featured. Thank you for sharing. More power to your channel. I subscribed. Hopefully you can visit my channel and subscribe to my channel too. Thank you! 😀

  27. Hi…friends… I live in indonesia..

    Are you love indonesia?

  28. Erreur: le temple Hindou PRAMBANAN ne se trouve pas à Bali mais à JAVA (près de YOGYAKARTA)

  29. keep up the good work
    hope you are having a great day. keep building
    I subscribed to your channel and liked your video
    i hope you would look at my channel and if you like and subscribe to my channel
    thank you

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