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  1. Hey guys, how much money do you manage to save up every month?

  2. I need 3000 for no reason lol

  3. I save by only buying food on sale and freezing it, don't use much electrisity, don't buy candy or desserts, walk rather than use a buss or a car as much as possible, don't buy unessesery tings, buy used if you can, if you have a small lawn grow a few vegetables and herbs in a selfsustaining garden that dosn't need much care so even if you are usually bussy you can still grow some of the food you are eating. You don't need to buy clothes every month, and girls don't buy make up all the time or don't use it every day so to save it for a longer time. And so on…I save a bit each month by doing this and if I do need more money I'll try to get an part time job for a certain amount of time togheter with my job

  4. this video is now viral so probably theives would have also watched it its much better to have a bank account.

  5. After watching this video thievs will know more places we hide money

  6. What if thieves see this

  7. How do I do 3:40

  8. Huh????

  9. Zero out. I like it

  10. New shies

  11. for poco f1

  12. I’m trying to save up for a Ariana Grande concert that she’s doing in Charlottesville VA and I really want to go and I’m trying to save my money to go 😊

  13. You’ve got to have money to save money

  14. Golf game on xbox one

  15. What if a thief watch the video and get to know our hiding places.

  16. buying a 600 dollar bike i need 500 more

  17. I had to sell my late father’s estate. I sold two cars. A week later, his attorney called and asked if I kept the spare tire? It turns out each tire had $250,000 usd in each tire.

  18. I want to buy a phone

  19. BRIGHT SIDE I’m saving up for the Razer Phone 2

  20. I wanted to save algorithms but i am here 😅😂😂

  21. am 12 and i have 2786dollars in my three piggy bank since when am 7

  22. I’m not even in skl yet and they teaching me math 🤦‍♀️😭😭😭😂😂😂

  23. Buying an ipad pro

  24. a Gibson Les Paul, blueberry burst

  25. Im 14 i save money for car and home when i reach 20-21 years

  26. I always saving money in my wallet bro

  27. I am a 11 year old and I have a lot of coins worth maybe about $90 and that’s a lot for me and I am saving up for a bank account now 12 years old

  28. I wanna save up some money so i can buy a gaming set. Thanks for this awesome vid this is useful

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  30. For tripod

  31. 2:225:45 terrible advice, don't keep cash period. Inflation my friends.

  32. I'm saving for Note 10

  33. Ok thieves,you know where to find the money haha.

  34. I'm saving to buy a phone because I don't really like the one I have now

  35. Every "like" i'll save a dollar

  36. Imagine thieves was watching this right now…

  37. Well im saving up for a top end gaming pc… the only problem with this video is there are probably theives watching this .

  38. so yall just made a guide on where to look during a home invasion

  39. video should be called where to not keep your $

  40. I am saving money so that I can buy one plus 7 pro
    I hope I will be having it after a year

  41. How much have you saved in 6 months 😀 I did 18k 💰 ?

  42. This is the amount of money I need


  43. Lolll “you have £300 in cash and £1000 in the bank” I don’t have this at the beginning of the month let alone the end 😂😂

  44. Saving for a car 🤞🏾

  45. I'm saving up for next year school supplies

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