If it’s your first travel’ target=’_blank’> visit to London, you’re likely to make these mistakes during your first three days here. Our community tells us which mistakes they made when they first arrived for their London travel’ target=’_blank’> visit , plus I add in a few more that I see London tour ists making frequently.

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  1. I will be there in October. My plane lands at 11am. All I plan on doing that day is checking in to my room and check out Notting Hill.

  2. Sorry but This video is not helpful at all.

  3. Can you add multiple stops in the CityMapper App? I can only get a single start and a single end point.

  4. Thanks! Its my first time to go outside Asia, and Im quite nervous , your video helps me really plan my trip.

  5. Walking is best I always find places I haven’t see before forget The London Eye in summer there a longggggggggggg lines and the London on the weekend crazy otherwise it’s a brilliant place to visit.
    The tube in rush hour find a pub have a pint and wait it out

  6. Am really appreciating your videos. Thanks, Jess!! Leaving for London very soon and am feeling more confident thanks to you 🙂

  7. I always recommend British museum! You could spend all three days and the museum but for times sake spend half a day… you won't regret it

  8. Dead right about Trip Advisor. Also right about the rush hour – don't travel, find a pub and let it go past.

  9. I'm visiting London from Moscow in 9 days…. can someone explain to me how Oyster Card works? 🙂

  10. Study up on transit options, both to and from the airport, and around the city. It's easy to pay a lot more than you have to for which might not even be efficient transit.

  11. I love London I think it is great.

  12. I lost a hole day going from one airports to the other (at the other side of London) just to save about $100 in air tickets in my way back to Boston. Stupid idea.

  13. do you ever meet up with people that watch your videos?

  14. Is her accent British or American or what?

  15. Bought my tickets to London ! will be there with family on December! thanks to your channel!! got lots of tips…

  16. My mistake was not knowing one tube line has actually two routes lol i mean, in other countries, 1 line is a single route. For example, the Northern Line actually goes to two places. Visitors should take note of this. I made a mistake of getting into a train going to another direction–not the direction I was supposed to go hahaha hope I made sense

  17. Hola tendrás tips para night clubs en Londres ?

  18. I’m a Londoner who knows London inside out and my tip is:-
    It’s better to walk than take the tube if you are staying central. If you look at a tube map, there is a yellow circle tube line on the map- within it is central London. Everything within the circle is within walking distance. It’ll likely be just as quick to walk and you’ll likely pass things on your to do list by accident walking to your destination plus you’ll very likely discover some great things that weren’t on your list. Just to give you a timescale of walking distance; the longest distance is 40 min max. If you look at the top of the yellow circle, you’ll see kings cross station. At the bottom is embankment station. To walk from kings cross to embankment is around a 40 min walk, so the map is deceiving. You can walk from Westminster to Trafalgar Square to Leicester Square, to Piccadilly Circus, to Oxford Circus all within an hour (obviously without stopping but you’ll tick a lot of your list within half a day!). Have fun!!

  19. Watching this after visiting London 😂😂

  20. Nooooo 😢😢😢😢😢

  21. You're 1st point was well made, once visitors understand that Greater London is approx. 30 miles (50km), East to West and almost the same, North to South, they will plan their time; for example, aiming to visit Hampton Court Palace and Greenwich on the same day would be a bad idea, unless you particularly enjoy suburban train services!

  22. We are traveling to London at the end of May 2019 and will, actually, only be there for 3 days. We will be in Europe for a week, but will be traveling to Oslo for 3 days and then back to London for our final night before flying back to the US. Any recommendations or will your 3 Day Itinerary be sufficient for us? We are making lists of possible things to see/do and will narrow things down as needed.

  23. For Americans a safety tip you cannot take a turn on a red light while driving, pedestrians do not get any right of way, there is no such law as jaywalking.

  24. London…best city in the world.i love it.

  25. Im relax the 1st day I get there, doing a 8 hour walking tour of london on the 2nd to see the majority of the city attractions

  26. Another helpful video!! I'm not so scared of going to London anymore. Still there's some issues for me getting from LHR to my hotel but I'll see😅

  27. Islington is very good for food spots

  28. I have a tip. Use the restroom when you see one. I was surprised how hard it was to find one, not even all tube stations or fast food joints have a public bathroom. Don't get caught out.

  29. Fantastic

  30. Will you hang out with me for a week in June???😂✌️

  31. Thank you for calling out tripadvisor, I have stopped using it for restaurants.

  32. My first time in London was last month. Had a great time..but i do agree..dont overplan especially on your first day! I had a little jet lag so I didnt push myself…chilled in a cafe or pub when i started getting tired…but by the next day I was ready to go! Goggle Maps was a big help!

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