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  1. I am from Russia, and I am men, but I like travel. thing that nice countries for female solo is Thai and Malasia and also European nord country’s ( Sweden, Norway , and the USA

  2. I am 20 years old and i ve never travelled alone,i just booked my first solo trip to budapest,do you think it is a good idea?

  3. Also a great safe place for travel is Japan! I did go with some friends but I did many alone excursions including walking around Kyoto very late at night. I never once felt unsafe. Plus the food there is amazing and the people are extremely nice! A lot of locals were interested in having a conversation. While Tokyo is really cool I suggest going to the smaller towns

  4. Dominican republic (minus the current issues there) and Barbados gave me a feeling of safety. In D.R. I met the friendliest ppl i have ever met in any country so far. In Barbados you can catch a local public transportation bus and move around just like the locals. I would go back to both countries solo (once the current D.R. issues are addressed).

  5. I love that you have women of color on this video because most videos don't and the world unfortunately sees us differently and i now feel more secure with solo travel as a woman of color. Thank you so much!

  6. Aaww Jo Franco was in Puerto Vallarta ❤️🇲🇽 I love Colomitos beach

  7. I can vouche for Damon and jo ❤️

  8. Thank you so much for creating this video!😊❤️Despite all of the videos on here geared towards solo female travellers,I find the vast majority of them boring and/or not informative whatsoever only basically containing common sense…Sidenote…If any of you other solo travellers need a travel buddy late this summer or this fall/early winter,please hit me up and we can let the good times roll together!!

  9. I just came back from travelling solo to Lisbon, Porto and Sintra in Portugal. It was absolutely amazing! I already want to go back, if you are thinking about Portugal, go go go!

  10. Good and informative video for female travellers.

  11. Hold on but who is taking those videos of the solo travelers? Do they just ask people to take videos and photos of them? I’m gonna need confidence for that

  12. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this video. Not just for solo travellers but for female solo travellers, this is so appreciated. You rock Kristen!

  13. Why not Brazil??

  14. Going to make my first solo trip to Munich, Salzburg, Pargue and Vienna. I'm so excited and this videos are helping alot to feel better about my choice 🌍

  15. Going on my first solo trip to Rome this june! I’m so excited you and Nadine have inspired me to take this journey! I love your channel keep being amazing #womenrule

  16. These are some great suggestions. I live in the New England area and have also done much traveling, but only recently solo. I’d like to ad that those who want to travel and experience a totally different culture from the US that is easily accessible and muncher cheaper than the above mentioned destinations, look no further than Quebec, Canada. I have been there twice and I feel like there is so much more to explore. First off, Canadians are very friendly by nature, and if you can’t speak any French, but at least make an effort to say Bon jour or merci, you will be met with the utmost respect ( most speak English in the urban areas). Montreal and Quebec City both have their modern areas, but when you go into the Vieux Carre, or Old city areas, it is like stepping into a a quaint European city with tons of history. Also, for nature lovers, there is skiing in the Winter, whales in the Summertime; for a couple examples….there is just too much to mention all in this brief comment; you have to go and google this amazing area. Did I mention, the US dollar is worth a bit more than the Canadian dollar…. but for how long? Also, I believe you can cross the border with a pass card which is easier to get than the traditional passport. So go on and explore. Your very welcome 😊❤️

  17. Ladies you need to consider Japan as well!! I went by myself when I was 19 for 5 weeks and it was the best thing I could’ve done (: I felt more safe there than I do in my neighborhood. Definitely check it out!

  18. loved it! Thank you for sharing

  19. cool female traveler

  20. where did you find cheap air fare and a place to stay in belize ?

  21. Doing a solo trip is definitely on my bucket list but I am soooooo scared!

  22. I love this ❤️ it’s great seeing the perspective from women of color it helps a lot

  23. I’m sorry did you just call Bangkok Thailand safe? Am I just malinformed

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