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  1. Wo sind hier die deutschen?🙋‍♀️😁❤️

  2. Nice. Greetings from SLOVENIA.INFO

  3. Were is Hamburg. It is one the best city to visit in Germany. And Heidelberg is definitely not only number 4. For me it is within the top 3

  4. Thumbs up thanks for sharing very nice video

  5. Berlin as #1.. lololol

  6. For all people who want to travel to Germany I think the best tip is hamburg, with his beautiful harbor and its amazing townhall

  7. Hello! Nice video, a true pleasure to watching 👌like*

  8. Hamburg!!!!!!🤦‍♂️

  9. Das Schweriner Schloss gehört zu den schönsten in Deutschland. Schwerin Castle is one of the most beautiful in Germany. El castillo de Schwerin es uno de los más bellos de Alemania.

  10. i believed no.1 spot goes to KÖNIG SEE in bayern .. berlin is not so interesting as in places in Bavaria.. if you want to see paradise ..Sank Bartolome in könig see
    is the the real definition..


  12. Nuremberg, Bamberg, Regensburg, Rothenburg all missing

  13. Germany has more Castles than MC Donalds:
    1500 MC Donalds in Germany
    25000 Castles in Germany 😉
    37800 MC Donalds worldwide
    The Knights in Germany were really not lazy 😉

  14. Great stuff

  15. Yeah, and ogres and elves will fuck you, while you visit all the…bullshit
    Im german. just a joke

  16. im in germany right now. I am from USA

  17. Traveller, if you come to Germany please SKIP Berlin!!!
    Completely overrated, noisy, annoying, arrogant.

    Go to Hamburg instead!

  18. Mi sono iscritto mi ricambi?

  19. The heart of the world is Switzerland, Austria, France and Germany, all 3 together.

  20. So nice place 💋💋💋💋

  21. Aww…so adorable. Lol I daydream a lot 2

  22. Where is actually Paris :/ ?

  23. wich kind of bus is it 😀

  24. the country of rude people germany

  25. Wow, very beautiful place, I'd love to visit this great country, my grandparents' land.
    Greetings from Perú

  26. Neuschwanstein is overrated. Hohenzollern is more beautifull. And it is a real castle.

  27. Love Germany!

  28. Dresden is the largest City of Sachsen I think

  29. germany are great

  30. Wo ist Duisburg 🤣😂 Bochum😲🤔🤣🤣🤣

  31. It's named Kölle not Cologne…

  32. Nice country nice people nice govt very very successful congratulations to all friends from Germany

  33. but if you are Asian….

  34. It's about time Germany gave the UK renumeration for bombing london

  35. My nice respect from Oman. Nice time for all.

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