China, the gateway to East Asia, is a fascinating country. It is an ancient civilization that gave the world Peking Man, gunpowder and noodles. Visitors making their first trip to China usually stick to the larger cities. More experienced visit ors to the Middle Kingdom will strike out in other directions, where travel ing may be a bit more frustrating because of the language barrier, but most definitely doable for independent travel ers. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in China:



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  1. China is the most beutifull country in the world .. clean and green China..power full from pakistan

  2. Travel to China is cheap and consumption is low. Welcome to China.

  3. How to stop overcrowding because of overpopulation in China and the world? All beauty is polluted by hords of tourists and their vehicles. As soon as people have money they have an urge to travel. Global warming cannot be stopped. Better destroy the beautiful places than that only few enjoy it, is what think the jealous yellow vesters.

  4. 欢迎大家😉

  5. Welcome to China for travel, provides Chinese travel advice and anti-fraud development and itinerary customization services.

  6. Well done! Great photography and interesting narration, it makes this video very watchable. Thank you.

  7. The beauty of China

  8. 0:43 足浴…..

  9. Im filipina and i love china i wish i go to china someday♥♥♥

  10. Beware, water, air and land pollution, in addition to political persecution, protect your live when you visit Communist China.

  11. 🌷😘✌

  12. These footages are so so so old…………….smh

  13. Lhasa is the capital city of Tibet.

  14. I love you, China.

  15. To be totally honest,this beautiful place it’s just too damn big.
    I ‘m a Chinese myself and I still haven’t even visit about a half of this beautiful country.

  16. I have been to so many cities in China. This is a great video. I hope I make my own soon. China is so amazing.

  17. I think Guangzhou should have been the number 1 spot instead.
    beijing is kinda dirty, smog and gloomy

  18. I love my India

  19. First of all, avoid all the China holiday. People mountain people sea is not a joke

  20. no matter which city do you go to China to travel, make travel plans to see the best while the Chinese calendar, because once you go out of time and the Chinese holidays overlap, make your own travel plans,you will regret because you can't see anything in addition to person

  21. i love chinese culture, food, history..
    someday i wanna go this beautiful place.
    love and respect from japan ♡

  22. Gaganda naman ng pinuntahan nyo sis.. gusto q din makakita ng Panda..

  23. I lived on china for 5 years…Travelled over 20k kms…i got sick of the pollution and crazy rude Han….best place to visit was NOT IN CHINA…

  24. If you're not Asian they're gonna treat you like an uncivilized animal

  25. My tip would be to look at the list of Chinese world heritage sites. Although there are over 50, all of them are well maintained as local governments take them very seriously. It is impossible to choose just ten of the best places to go in China, probably not even 50 because of the sheer number of sites which offer different experiences. For those wishing to experience the Chinese culture of the beaten path (at least for foreigners), I recommend Shanxi province. The Han Chinese people originated around that area of China, and Shanxi has a large number of ancient Chinese architecture, although some places may be quite poor and pollution is an issue.

  26. China is such a fascinating place to visit , so huge and varied, with so much history and wonderful people

  27. Man China is so big you can't visit it in 10 days. 😔 it's hard to choose place

  28. Welcome to China🇨🇳

  29. 香格里拉。很多人为个这个地名到香格里拉

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  31. One word: HUGE 😄

  32. very nice

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