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  2. Who else thought that the thumbnale of the video was gta5

  3. Love California. Don't love the politics or the cost of living there though.

  4. When you live in England and your sitting in the corner of the room crying to this video because you know you'll never live there…

  5. I am now in California

  6. Wish I was born in America

  7. How many days trip

  8. I agree Santa Barbara is a really great place in California.

  9. 8:36 Michael Jackson star beautiful.

  10. Not like to India

  11. I live in Los Angeles

  12. napa valley from road rash game

  13. Look i do npt vare what you istey away my famely in main and. here tow out that is ash thos before way is now to see its this gat to stop or out. this i now you reading on this my texs

  14. Any list that doesn't include Disneyland, though very expensive, doesn't really represent California.

  15. I know you’re going to think I’m being sarcastic as hell— so make like a grizzly and ‘bear with me” , but I’m serious:
    Both Stockton & Fresno are underrated. But I don’t mean as cities. I mean as cultural centers at the universities. Specifically as musical performance centers. Both UOP (University of the Pacific) in Stockton, and Fresno State feature world class music major undergraduate & graduate programs— both of which rival Berklee College of Music, and quite possibly Julliard School of Music.
    A night at either of these schools to take in a classical or jazz performance is not a waste of time, and the parking will be a lot easier than anywhere in SF or LA.
    Okay, so I’ll admit, I’m a Central Valley dude— State Hwy 99 & Interstate 5 are my only friends (and even they might be talking shit about me behind my back)… but for what it is, I take a certain amount of pride in the Central Valley lifestyle.

  16. Beautiful.

  17. 10 лучших мест для посещения в Калифорнии – Видео о путешествиях

  18. SF is the most beautiful city in California but Big Sur should of been on the list and it should of been #1 . Big Sur is the best and most beautiful part of California. Nothing beats the natural beauty of Big Sur highway 1 on the mountains and the coast on the bottom

  19. daerah gersang. kurang penghijauan masih indah negaraku indonesia

  20. Be careful not to step in human shit!

  21. There's nothing but bums in tents forget that dem. O. Rat state 😱👎👎👎

  22. Mexifornia is a liberal sewer

  23. Its oddly scary to think that theres something deeper and darker in California yet again theres all these beautiful places to distract people dont be a fool u dumb humans peaces of USELESS info shits heheheheheheh

  24. 👏👏👏👏👏

  25. I love love love this city ! America is number one forever !

  26. My ultimate hometown in Jesus name amen ,Palm Springs amen !

  27. California has everything, heaven on earth.

  28. Nice car with Black & Yellow color combination

  29. I love California love from Austria Europe 0043 68864854821

  30. Only thing I see in SF are tourists who still have images of a romantic city of a bygone era and feces all over the ground.

  31. Don't forget the BIG theme park six flags magic mountain!!!

  32. Sequoia king canyon is number 1 for sure I’m
    From California been everywhere it’s a hidden ?????

  33. I would argue if you wanted to see "China Town" the vasty majority of Chinese people aren't living there nor live in that manner – you're much better off in any neighborhood in California XD. China Town is a historical area that has roots in the 1800s when 180,000+ Chinese came on over to live and work on the railroads.

  34. where is Lake Tahoe

  35. Podrian traducir al español porque los que no saben inglés no entienden nada si es un video para el mundo hay q traducir

  36. Why would you show video of the San Jacinto Trams and not mention them as an awesome attraction??
    This video is really annoying. The video clips don't match up to what the narrator is talking about at all. When you're talking about massive sequoias, don't show video of a river. SHOW THE DAMN TREE!

  37. San Francisco definitely shouldn’t be number one.

  38. You couldn't pay me enough to go to california, it should be called pornafornia, or really sick and disgusting california. YUK!

  39. 7:18 looks exactly like Red Rocks just outside Las Vegas NV . The blunted peak with the sharp drop off is Turtle Head .
    Would that be because – it is ?

  40. Skip Venice Beach. Nothing but cheap souvenir shops and homeless people. Same goes for Hollywood.

  41. I like these places

  42. Lake Tahoe and Monterey should’ve been on this list

  43. CUIDADO :


  44. You need at least 2months to visit California…. excuse me there's more then 10 places in CA for tourist…..about 50places or more

  45. Thumbnail look liked gta V

  46. Did she use boast in every other sentence?

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