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  1. I enjoyed Epcot Center.

  2. Please add Cape Cod Massachusetts

  3. Add London to the list.

  4. Why can't Varanasi, India just use spiritual-hygienic pools that filter the water through cleansing plants? So at least the people are clean, you know?

  5. Don't conflate gun safety with gun control lol. I assure you that texans and ALL legal firearms owners are perfectly safe. Its the criminals that use guns dangerously 😛

  6. Disney World in FL isn't as crowded as many parks because they used more land. You don't get claustrophobic from the crowds because they are spread out. There is plenty transportation to get places.

  7. Skip Mouseville and go to St. Augustine. Far more picturesque and WAY more easy on the pocket.
    I live in Central Florida. The part about Disney World started me laughing before you even said anything!!
    I have friends that tell their, out-of-state, family members that if they are coming just to get to Mouseville they can stay at the Motel that says they will leave the light on for folks. They're welcome to come over for a picnic or cookout but they must come BEFORE the Mouseville adventure. Because my friends really don't want to hear about the place.
    Most of us think the best parts of the place are the parts that are returning to nature.

    There ARE worse places in Florida. I live in the Ocala National Forest. Not a bad place to live. Before I tell you the rest, I should mention I am not Eglish, nor are any of my family in my lifetime. However, I read and I'm old, so I have a bit of experience with various cultures and how they use words.

    Where I live is only 20 minutes from The Villages, Florida. An area that once had, likely still has, the title of Highest number of STD cases for Seniors in the US.
    Seriously!! Rich, Retired, Randies are Rampantly Rutting everywhere!!
    They now have their own cocktail. Sex on the Square! It is to celebrate the 70+ woman and her 55+ lover that got arrested for shagging in the Public Square!
    Ya just can't make this stuff up!!
    Aunt B

  8. Disney World is actually amazing. They know how to get your money but they do it by treating you like royalty. I can't wait to go back.

  9. Your selection of cities is terrible. First visit them and then give your opinion about them. Cannot believe you placed Varanasi and Bagan on this list. Both are incredible and have lots to show. Go back to visual politik. I don’t like these new videos you make.

  10. Lil. Glas im not the only one who says groovwy

  11. Wow! There are tons of youtubers the do vlogs about Disney Florida, I bet they will be surprised it is on your list, lol!!!

  12. The Gulf of Mexico

  13. You can add Naples, Pisa and the Cheddar Gorge to that list.

  14. Actually I think Dresden is very pretty, what with the river and all the paths and spots for picnics. The still on going reconstruction of the old city also doesn't have a kitschy Disneyland feel about it either and I thought it looked stunning. Not sure what this guy is going on about.

  15. That monopoly man joke was funny as hell to me for some reason

  16. This is why I "travel" via Google earth.

  17. Uhoh. Someone doesn’t like Disney.

  18. I live in Florida and I hate Disney World. I’d much rather go to the beach than Disney. I’m completely fine never seeing it again.

  19. Dayton just can't catch a break…

  20. It was the tourists that made Dublin expensive in the first place, then it was Google, Facebook and Twitter decided move offices there. All the rental accomodation has disappeared no thanks to AirBnB. So spare a thought for the people who actually have to live there. At least it is cheaper than London.

  21. Ive been to some of these and theyre really not that bad. I dont the the island should have been on here, that sounded like the best vacation ever.

  22. I have to disagree. I loved Disney world and LOVED epcot

  23. I'm probably going to stonehenge because I'm a local

  24. This video actually surprised me that there is ZERO place from Thailand in the list.

  25. Thailand is very overrated

  26. Disney world was the best out of all the Disneyland's I've been too (minis China's) …..the travelling between the parks was easy and the rides were amazing but, the crowds….welll hmmm

  27. Hilarious.Thankyou!

  28. Hawaii lived there for 5 years you can have it

  29. Okay i m cofused top tenz: If Disney Land Florida sucks so bad,why are there so many tourists and people who go every year there? Please allow me to test your hypothesis and provide me with tickets so i can see for myself….Its not for my benefit but in the intrest of science top tenz!😉

  30. Dublin is not the place to go to experience Irish culture. Kilkenny, Cork, Kerry or basically anywhere else in Ireland are the places to go. I say this as an Irish person. The description of Dublin is so accurate 🤣

  31. I hated Spaceship Earth with a passion not because it's slow and boring, but it was so overly AT&T branded. I saw so many AT&T sponsorship signs that I felt it being tattooed into the back of my skull. This, in turn, did the exact opposite thing that AT&T wanted. I left hating AT&T for ruing my experience and never got over it.

    Other than that, I didn't have high expectations for Epcot so I had a lot of fun there. Le Cellier Steakhouse was really amazing. I guess the greatest part about doing Epcot was sharing it with the one I love. We love coasters, but not all parks need to be coaster parks.

  32. I get this is an opinion video so I respect your opinion. Disney world however, is rad as hell

  33. Pretty damn stupid channel.

  34. Hi. I like you Simon, your videos are usually well researched, but not this one it seems. As a citizen of Iceland I can say that in a small country just about anything will make headlines, including a stray poop found once in a year. In terms of crowds, yes we get a big tourist traffic, nothing compared to Paris or Barcelona (and these are just cities, not entire countries) and those tourists are dispersed during the whole year. Comparison with a bustling metropolis is absurd. Big landmarks close to a major road do experience traffic, that pales in comparison with other well known vistas in other parts of the world. Please come visit Iceland, I'll take you for ride to places where there's no-one to spoil your fun. I'm not joking, let me know, I'll be thrilled to have you as a guest.

  35. I loved Dublin. Its expensive but wonderful.

  36. Honestly Epcot was my favorite park at Disney World because of all the different foods and cultures. And the Japan store. Geek out.

  37. Superpowers! Ughhhh, no longer worth it. 😔

  38. I like your videos. You’re honest.

  39. Dublin sounds a lot like the ex mayor of Detroit( Kilpatrick)

  40. #1 California

  41. Dublin is nasty

  42. Yeah that point about Stonehenge is totally true. I remember thinking it was ridiculous that there was a road right next to it when I visited from the US. Theres also some random farmer with fields right next to it with grazing animals. It really diffused the awe inspiring aspect of everything lol

  43. Dresden is actually a beautiful and soulful city! So many beautiful corners and streets in city, great food places, nice people, shopping district. The mentioned part of the city is actually amazingly reconstructed and modernized after the your home country forces destroyed it to the ground

  44. in Florida we call Disney world Dismal world… and its getting MORE expensive

  45. I went to Disney World @ age 7 (1996) AND….. It's NOT at all memorable!

  46. Oh no – not you, Simon. I am out'ta here !

  47. As a Floridian Universal Studios is way better

  48. The government of Maldives makes all their citizens Muslim. If they don't it they face beheading

  49. Wow Disney opinion laughable

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