Thank you to Seoul Tourism Organisation for the support!

Prize details:
– 4 Days, 3 Night Trip to Korea including Flights & Hotel.
– 2x VIP Tickets to Seoul Music Festival.
– The Course that you picked.
– Meet Xander & Haeppy.

[Disclaimer: You have to allow your trip to be filmed by the Seoul Tourism Organisation. If you do not consent to this the prize will be given to another person.]

How to enter:
1) Go to the website –
2) Pick the course that YOU want to do!
3) Write a comment on this video saying the name of the course you picked, and why we should pick you as the winner of the competition
4) Screenshot that comment and email it to :
5) Wait patiently to find out if you are the lucky winner!

Competition Ends SEPTEMBER 4th 2019.

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  1. The course – Seoul spa trip
    I working about 12-14 hours a day, lots of time making decisions how other people should do and speak. I never thought telling people what to do could be that tough. About a month ago I started worrying more and more (not a stress, more like its firs call). But I think, that Koreans know how to live with that. And I need a little hint how to relax after work. Maybe a vacation to Korea would be this relax by itself.
    By the way it is just try, I never believe in random chooses 😉

  2. I'd do the Monsta x energy source! They're one of my top groups and I'd have so much fun with my mum there since we both share a passion for kpop and Korean culture. Thank you for the chance 💞

  3. The course I really want to try is the Tteokbokki maniac! I love Tteokbokki sooo much so I'd love to visit some famous restaurants. I'm really hoping I can win so I can share this experience with my sister. Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  4. Hi! I picked the “A tour around Seoul with the 'Discover Seoul Pass
    BTS Special Edition'” tour because I want to experience those things that the tour has to offer with my mom! Since we are from the country that has more saunas than cars, we would really like to try out the Korean spa experience and see how different it is from Finland's! I would love to wear a hanbok and feel the traditions that are being passed from generation to another! It is amazing how Korea still has a lot of amazing traditions and how there is such a variety of things in such a tiny country! Me and my mom are both fans of BTS (yes, she really really loves J-Hope!!) it would be great to finally come to Korea after all this years where we've got to known about Korean stuff!

    BTS have really changed me for the better, I
    started dancing after seeing how passionate they are of the things they are
    doing and I found my own passion too! Dancing has become a such a big part of
    my life and now I even belong to a dance crew and take lessons in various dance
    styles! BTS changed the way I think about myself, they helped me to find my
    true self and discover various layers of my persona. Thanks to them I was brave
    enough to go study tourism and I’m really glad of that decision! I get to learn
    now things about cultures and languages every day and that’s what I really love.

    It would be such an amazing opportunity considering my studies too, living in a completely different cultural environment for a few days!

    We also like to make Korean styled food at home but
    since we are in Finland it is really nothing like the true Korean food, which I
    hope I could show to my mom and have her taste the amazing foods! (She says she’s
    scared of the moving octopuses tho haha)

    thank you for this change and good luck everyone!

  5. I saw EXO, I click 😂😂

  6. I picked the course Bringing EXO closer with the EXO-L tour. I’ve been a huge fan of EXO since the Overdose era. They were the group that got me into k-pop and showed me Korea. I’ve been wanting to visit Korea for such a long time but it’s too far and too expensive. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I don’t want to miss it.

  7. Time for summer! Seoul Bingsu Tour

    Hey guys! I don’t have a reason why I should be picked over another person but I do love music and bingsu so I’m trying my luck 😉

  8. Thanks for doing the giveaway! I’d like to do the ‘Romance is a Bonus Book’ course because I want a break from school so much stress + my mom could enjoy a break

  9. Hello, I am Aca! I choose As your frequent subscriber firstly I am so happy when this video came out. I was kinda late but I hope this won't make me less noticed by you.
    I choose "NCTzen Tour" because the places are cafes and restaurant that has a good rating when I browse it on website. NCT is a global group that has a limitless member concept that came around the world, i love that this tour basically bring us to foreign foods in Korea. I mean, we can just basically eat at Korean Restaurant to get an authentic Korean foods. But, what about a foreign food in Korea? Are the taste has been adjusted to Korean's taste buds but also friendly for foreigners?? I really really curious. And I am a big fan of NCT.. I really wish to be able to try those places where NCT went and to meet Haeppy and Xander .. Wish me luck!!! fingers crossed 🍀

  10. I have never been to Asia and I have always wanted to go on a trip to Korea as a graduation present (I will graduate university in December!) so this would really be an amazing present from you guys! I would love to go on the Namdaemun Market tour! I really love your conjoint videos as well as your single work!

  11. My choice is gonna be 'NCTzen tour' following NCT 127 (the course doesn't really matter but I like this one because of its cute theme!)
    Actually I've been interested in Korea since 2013 and have been learning Korean since 2015 (self-study). I watched lots of videos, red lots of articles, texted so many Koreans to know more about their culture, language, environment and so so on. Every single day I imagine how it would be like visiting South Korea because that has been one of my biggest dreams for 6 years and for some reason my dream still remained as a dream! If I win I would like to bring my mother along to change her mind about the country (and maybe that would change my future as well).
    I hope to win and even if I don't, I'm sure the winner deserves it~~

  12. Aaaah I have just randomly found this channel and you guys are awesome! Keep going! ♥
    South Korea is on my bucket list for sure so if I would be lucky and have a chance I would definitely pick ►Heart-fluttering Seoul locations seen in "Her Private Life"

    As it was my last favourite drama for also my artistic background and passion of business fashion.

    I would like to take my brother, which is studying korean language and also would like to come to Korea one day. And also get more inspiration for my cooking from your amazing cousine!

    I truly and honestly wish anybody to win this competition ♥ but if you pick me you would never regret 😀 and have chance to meet with unsteady traveller, fashion lover, artistic soul, big dreamer and scribbler which is willing to share her travelling stories, art skills and photographs or videos from this korean tour. And able to bring you some sweet bribes from my country .. haha ha – That's why you should pick me! ☺

    Good luck to everybody!! ♥

  13. Thank you for the opportunity to win such an amazing trip!! My name is Klára, I'm 17 years of age and I'm really into the 'Heart-fluttering Seoul locations seen in "Her Private Life"' course since i'm a huge fan of the drama and the locations. Winning this competition would mean the whole world to me because I could take a friend of mine along with me who also loves Korea – the culture, music and dramas. I'm currently learning Korean as well and don't have a lot of people to talk to in it, so actually going to Korea would really help me in getting more fluent in it too. Good luck to me and everyone else of course hh, 감사합니다!

  14. Just like Soo Hyun and Jin Hyuk from Encounter, my girlfriend and I are from two different worlds, I’m from Australia and she’s from Serbia. Not only do we share a love of K-Drama, but also Seoul is exactly 8300km between my house and her house!

    We would love the opportunity to meet each other halfway and retrace Soo Hyun and Jin Hyuk’s steps in the course “If you want to love, love like them. Seoul in the drama Encounter” because we believe that our love will be as strong as theirs in the end.

    Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to compete for the dream of watching K-drama together, in-person, curled up on the same couch.

  15. The tour that I would love to check out will be << Romantic Seoul in “Touch Your Heart” >>. Love the drama, and the chemistry between these two lovely characters, and being a foodie at heart, this tour shouted out the most for me. The ambience and theme of the locations indicated in the tour looks pretty amazing and I would love to spend my time there with my bestie! =D

  16. Seoul Spa Trip😍😍😍
    I’m a nurse so I’m working hard every day and I would love to have a relaxing few days off with my friend combined with the possibility to experience korean culture and their way of living🙌🏼

  17. I would love to experience the "Discover Seoul Pass BTS Edition".
    I've been learning Korean alongside my sister for over a year now. We've spoke about visiting Korea when she finishes school. As her big sister I would love to be able to give her this experience. All the places mentioned on this course are places we have on our itinerary and would mean the world to us to see. As we're from Ireland and my sister is still in school we've found it difficult to get the funds together to head off ourselves and this would be an opportunity of a lifetime. Thanks for taking the time for reading my comment.
    Love you guy xoxo

  18. Hello! I would love to do the “I live alone” tour ^^ Even though I love idols, this is something I particularly like. I want to discover more about Korean culture and food. I know it’s impossible to win this but at least I tried.

  19. I would love to enter the 'NCTzen Tour' 'cause I am first of all a huge fan of NCT because their music is inspiring.
    Second reason would be that I don't have that much money to fly all the way to Korea but I am so interested in the culture and beauty of Korea that I would really like to see it with my own eyes.

  20. I picked "A full rest from your busy schedule, just for you – Seoul spa trip" because I volunteer at a youth organization, I work, I'm a Referee and because of that I basically I don't really have free time anymore and could really enjoy a spa trip. I'm also one of the og viewers (still remember the drinking reactions😂) and really want to meet you. I've also never been out of Europe either so it would be my first real intercontinental trip. Yeah that's about it 🙂

  21. Romantic and delicious Seoul restaurants from ‘Romance is a Bonus Book.‘
    I’m a huge fan of this drama as well as We Fancy! It would be beyond cool if I get to meet haeppy and Xander in person. I’ve never been to Korea and would love to explore it!

  22. I would love to go to the spa trip course because I have never gone and this year has been a very rough year financially due to my father not paying for child support and my mother not having enough money to pay for my school or our house. You should choose to bring me because no matter the difficulty in what ever hard ships I am in, I will always try my best. Also I wanna be able to bring my mother or my sister because they deserve to have a break once in while. My sister and I have never gone to Korea and she is a big fan so taking her would be amazing because she works 2 jobs and because of my family finances, she gave up school so I wanna give her this chance to have some fun!!

  23. Course I picked: Bringing EXO closer with the EXO-L Tour

    Hi We Fancy!!! First of all, thank you so much for this opportunity! I've been a kpop fan for a few years now and it has allowed me to get to know the Korean culture, which I've absolutely fallen in love with! From the cuisine to the traditions, the beautiful places and the wonderful people, there are so many reasons why travelling to Korea has been a dream of mine for years! Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to make my dream come true yet but this contest is giving me hope!! I would be the happiest person alive if I won and experienced the Korean culture in person ❤ I'm wishing good luck to everyone joining and once again, thank you We Fancy for organizing this!!!

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