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  1. she speaks like billie eilish

  2. When she said her flight was at 7 and it was 3 ngl I freaked out for her

  3. yeah air canada isn’t so good but westjet isn’t bad

  4. I flew alone for the first time when I was 14 and I’ve neeever had trouble in security even tho I’m underage. Weird

  5. My aSiAn parents would get going at 5pm when my flight is at 1am- (3 hour drive from the airport)

  6. Jfjdk IM taller then you and im 13 ;–; idont like being tall

  7. The guy behind you in the second plane was fine asf 😭

  8. If flight is at 10am Tuesday February 2020 my parents will make me go to the airport at 6am Sunday November 2016

  9. I'm fifteen and traveled out of the country for the first time ever and traveled for 26 hours. #relatable

  10. We said traveling not haul

  11. can u link the powerbank u mentioned?

  12. I love Hello Kitty so much!

    🐱 🙂😀 🐱 🙂😀

  13. I wish my first travel alone goes as smoothly as yours! Ly🤗🍝🥘

  14. I’m going to NY alone next year and I’m gonna be 14 and, I’m low key scared

  15. Can you please post the link for the power bank?

  16. You are so pretty

  17. Her: Don’t listen to my advice
    Her right after: Check your flight time
    I guess I won’t???

  18. If you’ve come here because you’re a teen flying alone in a little bit here are some tips as I just came back from flying alone as a kid internationally…

    1) don’t be afraid to ask for help. Weather it’s the person in front of you or it’s the airport attendant or TSA agent, some of them may be rude but they still have to help you, and most of the time they are not (I only dealt with one rude person and they still helped and I didn’t let it bother me).

    2) downloaded the airline app for updates and such!! It’s so important honestly!

    3) if you’re traveling internationally make sure you know where to go, and if you don’t know where to go next/ don’t understand the language do two things. 1) ask for help and 2) download google translate because in that case you can take a picture of the sign and it will translate the language for you in the picture so it’s easier (this actually came really in handy for me)

    4) I would honestly just skip all the airport shopping and dining and just make it to your gate. That’s more important and if you don’t go directly there after security and such then you may miss your plane/get lost.

    5) at check in tell them you’re traveling alone and ask for them to almost write a checklist on your ticket of where to go, if they are nice enough they will do this for you! That way you have an exact list of what to do in order

    6) pack light, the lighter the better for traveling alone and try not to bring a carry on bag, a backpack is fine. But try and avoid a carry on if you can. A checked bag is fine but make sure you know what belt you’re picking your bag up in.

    7) try and scope out a few people on your plane and remember what they look like, that way you can just follow the people that you recognize if you get lost.

    8) lastly don’t go with anyone you don’t recognize anywhere unless they work for the airline or work in the airport. (However if you see someone like most of the time older women you can talk to them and be nice and they will look out for you as a sort of mother figure on the flight, I met some very nice women)

    9) I guess a little bonus is if you get taken in for something being in your bag (I had my horse riding boots and they asked my about it during declaration of goods and so I said I had my riding boots so they had to check my bag for agriculture scan) but don’t stress out! I was so scared when they took me into this room, I had to wait and not do anything and they ended up just cleaning my boots (hahah) but don’t be afraid to ask too! It was taking really long and at the time I didn’t know what they were doing so I went up to the desk and asked. They reassured me that they were just checking my bag and that I would board on time. It made me feel way better just to ask.
    Also always bring extra cash. And an emergency credit card. Good luck! You’ll be fine don’t worry you’ll get home! Or wherever you’re going hahah

  19. lmao I'm 14 and a month ago i flew alone to spain xusjyjwxbwk

  20. My sister travelled alone when she was 4 years

  21. Can you travel alone at 16?

  22. My Dominican family had a flight at 8 am. We woke up at 2 am to get ready and we got at the airport at 4 . Only to get at the gate at 5 and sit there for 3 hourss😭

  23. Ewe why is she sucking in her stomach so much

  24. I cant wear bikinis becasue im very self continuous 😂

  25. Wait you can go out of your country even if you're not 18?

  26. I've been watching people vlog alone in public because i am planning to do one soon too! These videos does wonders, really!!! 😋

  27. I can't even go to the next block alone at 16

  28. Bro my flight is at 8:45 am and I’m leaving for the airport at like 5:45 am (cause we love Asian parents)

  29. please don’t click this link

  30. Your body is absolute goals omfggg 😭

  31. talk about last minute packing 🙂

  32. Shea 16 and she has a tattoo


  34. You went on the same airlines that I went on 😂

  35. Girl I'm so scared because I'm going on a Plane by myself in five days and yeah it's going to be my first time flying by myself and I'm 16 I feel like I'm getting so nervous even though I didn't think I was going to get nervous I'm by myself but like I'm nervous that I can't find my flights or anything I'm going to Denver Airport which is a pretty big Airport crazy any tips does anyone have any

  36. I’ve been on the Eva air hello kitty plane before too and went to the Taipei airport I love that airport lol

  37. Are you in economy if so how do you get a full meal

  38. Did you get lost throughout the airport?

  39. I’m 15 from US and going to Vietnam by myself, let’s hope I survive XD

  40. ok sis i know it’s late to comment but i need the link for that portable charger

  41. 9:07 is that RiceGum? LMAOOOO

  42. I went on a plane by my self when I was 8 and it was the most terrifying experience soo ya lmao

  43. Everyone I watch just seems so chill , like the going to the airport part is ok but being on the airplane like I’d be way to scareeed🙃

  44. OMG I remember that aquarium when I was in Vancouver like 6 years ago I miss Canada so much and all my family😭

  45. Can I fly without an Id and my parent saying anything to the airport when I’m 16 flying delta trying to go from Wisconsin to new York then come back three days later and don’t have a valid state Id will I need one ?

  46. You didn’t link the portable charger??

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