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  1. When I saw Lucas, Mark & Yuta I literally smiled. Omg 💜❤️

  2. omg you’re an nctzen?

  3. Your voice very smooth and sounds good 💕😍

  4. Ok soo, this is how my Travel Routine is (just wanted to share with you guys🤗)
    And feel free if you wanna write yours in reply section!

    1: Pack my suitcase at night 2 or 3 days before going to the Airport
    2: Shower the next day
    3: Paint Nails,Put eyelashes,
    4: Prepare an outfit for the plane ✈️
    5: Downoald offline music app and game apps Before leaving home
    6: Braid my hair in two sides (it’s just SO comfortable)
    7: Put face cream on and hand cream
    8: Fill up my water bottle(i dont go without water because If i take a trip my road to airport is about 1 or 1 and a half day to get to the airport then i just pour all the water left to the garbage they have)
    9: Pack my Carry on At the last minute, (check my backpack if I have everything)
    10: Take all my things( suitcase, carry on) and leave the house.
    Go to the airport, Pass the security, Get on the plane (24 hours) then enjoy the rest of my vacation.

    I am taking a vacation soon,so thats why i wanted to share and comment my morning routine🤗
    Thanks for taking your time to read this all long comment😄
    Feel free to share your morning routine or anything like that in the reply section! See ya later ✌️ ✈️

  5. Very good!!

  6. Where did she get her suitcases?

  7. If you have time in Korea, the temple stay at a Buddhist temple will be a very interesting experience.

  8. I love watching your videos about college and everything
    Now that I know you love NCT I’m sorry but… I LOVE YOU SIENNA❤️

  9. i am korean

    You could try this place guys a good review wth this pizza place.. u could check out their page for the best food review..

  11. Omg i just saw it i am so excited to go to korea😭

  12. this wasn’t as good as i thought it was gonna be. 💀

  13. I watched your video in early this year, I thought I saw someone who are so far from where I am. But now I feel so happy that you are here. Can’t wait to watch you next video in Korea. 🙂

  14. ㅎㅎ 무슨말을 하시는지는 모르지만 좋겠네용 ㅎㅎ

  15. I’m studying through ciee this fall and will be vlogging! ☺️

  16. when I saw her fit I screamed girl u gotta put on a jacket cause in South Korea it's rude to show your shoulders. I really don't know why but they are ok with mini skirts, short shorts and booty shorts>

  17. idk why but i was expecting you to sit first class on the plane😂

  18. you must be very busy since you are not posting anything about your life in korea.

  19. I wanted to see you!! (I’m from South Korea, Busan)

  20. wow lovely
    watch my gangenung vlog of summer fun

  21. Why do left people like Korea? They're as conservative as you can get. Against gay marriage, immigration and pro gun. Don't get me wrong I like that I'm conservative too but you seem like a left Cali girl. Maybe I'm wrong but it seems strange. Korea is beautiful and has good morals. The west just be respectful while interacting with them.

  22. You should interview your father. I also send my children to Harvard I'm interested what he thought about you going there.

  23. You need to a video explaining harvard. For example what classes are required, how many hours a week you are in class and study ect.

  24. Hi! I'm Korean. I hope you had a good time in Korea!

  25. OMG… You traveled economy class? 😱

  26. Subscribe to the channel thank you

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  28. Can you please make a video how did I worked to my lessons

  29. you think that you so pretty look you face so many pimple ugly 🤮

  30. Omg y went ro the one million dance company omg

  31. Yas for NCT!!! It’s really cool u went to Seoul

  32. can u adopt me 😭😭 but fr all jokes aside i hope u make a video about the costing and the whole process of going and hotels and where to go i can't wait for ur vlog

  33. Are you just doing ciee for the summer or for your next 3 years of college?

  34. Love you Sienna💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  35. May I know what camera are you recording with?

  36. i just found this youtube channel and i already love it :3

  37. Welcome to Korea ❣️

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