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  1. This video was made by prince ea so if you like it you should check him on his channel there is a lot more videos like this.

  2. Wow this video is amazing 🌍🤙

  3. you're using his video copyright lmao

  4. Simple find your way , believing in god , only one god is allah ,

  5. That brings some inspiration to me ….. To complete the dreams which i dreamed in childhood..

  6. That is really inspiring man!! Is it possible to include some of your text and voice in our travelling video that we are making?

  7. Bro this shit is lit! Why are people not tattooing this poetry on them already?!!!

  8. Lets travel round the world together!

  9. Prince ea is my god!

  10. This is so sing song and beautiful. Bless you and keep pushing forward!

  11. Oooooooooooh the passion

  12. ❤❤❤❤❤

  13. Loved it…. Meaningful… Energetic… Baaaam

  14. Brother, In just a little over five minutes you made me a fan for life. I've said for years I don't fear dying nearly as much as I fear never having lived. Over the past few years I've been through a very damaging divorce, have lost both of my parents and my grandmother, have worked boring, dead end jobs for people motivated only by greed. I was once happy, fulfilling my dreams and passion in life, helping others along the way, and was a happy person. Thank you for re-awakening the things that made me that guy. I've missed him for some time now, so have my friends, co-workers, and family. God bless you, my young brother!

  15. Come to Toba Lake at North Sumatra .Indonesia….You will see a piece of paradise… us

  16. so TRUE……to get to the end to realize you never really lived… ppl do regret the things they didnt do more

  17. Wow. This guy made me want to grow wings and take flight. Thank you for the cure.

  18. Yeah brother
    You are right. …
    No…short cut s
    mmm …….

  19. I want to travel alone.. But scared.. Help me out…i don't know where to start… Starting trouble

  20. Rapper?

  21. Incredible video….. Who is this guy?

  22. I love Prince EA so much. Everybody please check out his channel…it's truly incredible!!

  23. Hola hola; te saludamos con mucho gusto. Hoy dejaste un comentario en nuestro canal y lo consideramos muy agresivo. Creemos que el mundo ya tiene suficiente odio y dolor, como para seguirnos ofendiendo, destruyendo y denigrando por aspectos tan superficiales como el peso. Alguien que es amante de los viajes, también lo es de la cultura y el respeto a las diferencias. Estamos seguros qué hay una versión mucho mejor de ti. A ella nos dirigimos y saludamos con afecto!!

  24. You know what? I’m gonna change my life today.

  25. Poetic… beautiful. GREAT VIDEO!

  26. get cancer

  27. Where the place you at in the video

  28. You said so many true words and I'm glad that I finally found such a video.
    I don't know HOW to do the things you have said here, but I WANT to do so.
    You've said that we don't live for simply "work & wait for the weekend".
    That even brought tears into my eyes, because I know I'm living that way.

    Even tho this might not change something in my life immediatly, I hope that it will help me find my way.

    You are SO inspiring. Thanks for your speech. Thanks for your video.

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